Clean? Articulate? Joe Biden sinks deeper still into the miasma of corruption as new report about his brother comes out

Remember when Joe Biden praised Barack Obama as "clean" and "articulate"?

The same questions could be asked of Joe himself. We already know that he's not articulate, But now the Democratic presidential frontrunner is facing new questions about just how clean he is as a new report comes out from Politico, suggesting that Joe's brother Jim used claims of access to the then-vice president as a selling point for gaining business partners.

Joe Biden’s younger brother told potential business partners that the former vice president would help their firm land business with court systems and would incorporate their health care model into his 2020 presidential campaign, according to new allegations made in a court filing in Tennessee.

The allegations are consistent with others made over the years that relatives of Biden have sought to enrich themselves off of his public service. But they go further, representing the first explicit claims that James Biden offered to have the former vice president use his clout to further private business interests.

This was the same Jim Biden who was recently exposed for shaking down banks for sweetheart loans to finance his nightclub in the 1970s, based on his brother's position in the Senate Finance Committee. The guy hasn't sat idle since. Politico reported this:

“No sooner was freshman lawmaker Joe Biden seated on the Senate Banking Committee,” Politico reported, “than James became the beneficiary of business loans that were described … as unusually generous because of the relatively large amount of money he was able to borrow with little or no collateral and a lack of relevant prior experience.”

The first series of loans — totaling $165,000 — were provided by Wilmington’s Farmers Bank, which, although privately managed, was partially owned by the public with the state of Delaware having a 49 percent stake. The Wilmington Morning News reported in 1977 that of the total, $60,000 was “unsecured,” meaning that James Biden was “personally liable” for its repayment.

Seems brother Jim has found brother Joe pretty handy.

And none of this has any direct link with the other web of apparent corruption encircling old Joe through his son, who reaped a fortune from his seat on a Ukrainian natural gas company at a time when his father the vice president was using a giant U.S. aid package as leverage and demanding that inconvenient corruption-fighting officials be fired, almost to protect young Hunter. There were also those big-dollar China deals, premised on Hunter's access to power.

All of these questionable acts are coming out of the woodwork as Biden stands as the Democratic Party's top man for the president so far, maintaining a possible direct line to the presidency of the U.S. Yet he still yet to answer a single question about his family's Clinton-like habit of using public office to make money, a pattern that's extending through decades now. Question for the next Democratic debate moderator: Why not?

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