Chicago hospital overwhelmed with gunshot victims, stops accepting new patients

While all the press attention was on the shocking sudden massacres in El Paso and Dayton, which killed 29 innocent people, something in some ways even bigger and uglier was going on in Chicago:

Chicago's Mount Sinai Hospital temporarily stopped accepting patients Sunday morning because they were at capacity following a series of shootings, a hospital official said.

The hospital went "on bypass" in the early morning, said Roberta Rakove, Senior VP for External Affairs.

Hospitals use the term "on bypass" when they stop accepting ambulance runs and those ambulances are diverted to other trauma centers. Mount Sinai Hospital is one of five trauma centers in Chicago, according to Rakove.

At its height early Sunday morning, Mount Sinai had 12 trauma patients, Rakove said. She could not provide information on their conditions.

Here was the weekend shooting update from the local CBS affiliate, this being a regular thing:

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, including two mass shootings in less than three hours on Sunday. In all, seven people were killed and 46 others were wounded in shootings since Friday evening.

More than a dozen people were wounded, one of them fatally, in a pair of mass shootings in the Lawndale neighborhood early Sunday.

It was a routine report, meaning that it happens so often that every weekend has large numbers of shooting victims.  It's like an El Paso event of its own, weekend after weekend, after weekend, and its totals certainly top those of El Paso when taken in sum.

Yet it doesn't get the wall-to-wall press coverage this freak from Dallas and his copycat savage in Dayton get.  It's just blue-city business as usual, another weekend, another slew of killings, and another hospital booked solid from gunshot victims, can't take any more, try the next hospital.

That's sorry stuff.  Wonder why the Democrats whipping up the El Paso outrage for political gain don't like to mention it?

Image credit: Donna Miles, U.S. Department of Defense public domain.