Blame the media for racist violence, not Trump

The leftist playbook is simple: the mainstream media create false Trump narratives, and they repeat them far and wide until the false narrative becomes an accepted "truth."  The current narrative is that Trump is a racist.  The significance of the racism charge is not lost on these connivers, because racism is second in its universal disrepute only to pedophilia.  Now they are capitalizing on it when real racists commit heinous acts of violence as they pin them on Trump as if he is responsible.

Here is the problem, though: we have yet to see any evidence, even flimsy evidence, that this president really is a racist.  What I see is a president hell-bent on prison reform, freeing thousands of mostly black Americans with his early release program.  He has increased the minimum wage for blacks more than any president in 30 years.  His policies — exactly opposite of the prior president, who was black — have reduced black unemployment to the lowest in recorded history.  He has created "opportunity zones" that encourage private investment in inner-city projects to improve minority poverty, which is championed by a black American, Ben Carson.  Then, last week, he goes out of his way to seek the release a black rapper from Sweden.  Where is the racism?

In the past few weeks, we have seen Trump call out the House speaker Nancy Pelosi for the abysmal San Francisco streets littered with trash, and he is labeled a misogynist.  When he accurately rebukes Representative Elijah Cummings's failures due to Baltimore's horrible socioeconomic record, he is labeled a racist.  It seems that if those he is criticizing are identified as a member of any group other than white male, he hates the entire group.  When he reproves the anti-American so-called "squad," who happen to be "women of color," the media assign the reason for his criticism as racism, as if there weren't ample legitimate cause for his criticism.  If we go back a little farther, we see the same strategy used over and over. He's Islamophobic for wanting to temporarily stop immigration from Islamist nations that wish to kill us, and he is anti-Hispanic when he wants to shore up the southern border.

So is Trump a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Hispanic misogynist?  Of course not.  It's all fake news — pervasive fake news.  The sheer volume of these unfounded accusations all day, every day on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, late-night TV, morning talk shows, sitcoms, award ceremonies, and print media is mind-boggling.  It is so universal that it just must be true, right?  Wrong.  We are witnesses to the most extensive propaganda campaign ever launched against a politician in America.  The abject hatred for this president simply knows no bounds.  I just hope fair-minded Americans see it for what it is: unabashed propaganda.

It's not Trump, but rather the false Trump racism charges frenetically squawked by the media that likely facilitated this week's terrible acts of violence.  When the media amps up the masses on a steady diet of nasty invective to further their must-remove-Trump agenda, it should surprise no one that unstable people may act out.

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