Biden is whining about Trump 'poaching' his donors — without a clue about what's really going on

Taking a breath between gaffes, Joe Biden is whining that President Trump is "poaching" what are "his" campaign donors.  According to CBS News:

In a fundraising email sent to supporters Thursday, the Biden campaign pointed out that if someone types "donate Joe Biden" into a Google search, the first link to appear is one that directs them to donate to Donald J. Trump for President.


"Trump's campaign is paying money to run ads online so that their donation link is the first thing you see when you search 'donate Joe Biden,'" the email read. "But, listen, here's the thing: We can't stop them because we're out of money to run online ads for the rest of the month."

The CBS reporter investigated these claims, quite well, I'll add, and found them to be true.  The Trumpsters probably did indeed place the ad, as well as one that appears right below Biden's own site in the next item, which is a site done by a Republican consultant, showing Biden gaffing and groping women. 

Biden apparently think the motive was to mine "his" money, arguing that someone looking for a donate Joe Biden site will somehow end up making a donation to Trump, based on what shows up at the top of the Google page.

How stupid does he think donors are, even his donors?  He seems to think that donors are the same as low-information voters who could be fooled by such a stunt, something far more unlikely in matters of money. 

To anyone with political savvy, it's probably something else — a Trump head-fake intended to freak the Bidenites out.

As they stew about what they think must be lost money, the Trumpsters on the election campaign are probably thinking two steps ahead of these poor galoots.

CBS notes that they have done this only to Biden's campaign, not the others, splashing out big dollars to do it.

That means just one thing: that the GOP sees the primary game as over.  Joe's going to be the nominee, not the clown car denizens, and with that the case, it's time to concentrate resources on fighting to knock him out, including through tweakative ads that make Joe think he's losing money and drive him bonkers.  I doubt anyone donating money is going to be fooled by the ads, but amazingly, Joe is, and that says a lot about how easy it is to get him tangled up in fake crises.

Mission accomplished.  Now, as Joe howls, one can only expect that Republicans in the Trump re-election camp cook up quite a few more.

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