Beto makes a fool of himself again, and the Houston Chronicle accidentally reveals it

Beto O'Rourke, the smug, smarmy, toilet-mouthed, bad driving, mass murder fantasizing, computer hacker leftist rich kid–turned–presidential candidate with about 1% in public support, has a new fan: the Houston Chronicle's left-leaning editorial page. "Beto, come home. Texas needs you," the headline pleads, urging the Democratic cad and bounder to drop his failing presidential campaign and run for Senate against Sen. John Cornyn. We need you, Beto, because Texas badly needs that other view of the world, those differing opinions. You've brought us closer to having real, competing parties than any other candidate has, and than any candidate on our radar could. Would you beat John Cornyn, who is seeking his fourth term? It wouldn't be easy. You'd have to fight for it, and do better than you did against Cruz. But a lot has changed since 2018 — you had a lot to do with that — and Trump is no longer...(Read Full Post)
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