Will the Equality Act squash girls' hopes for athletic scholarships?

Another college scholarship scandal is brewing.  It does not involve bribery or wealthy celebrities but is potentially more far-reaching.  I am referring to the Equality Act, which will require schools across the nation to allow male students to compete in female sports — meaning it's the male students who will be sweeping up the college scholarships. Girls working toward sports scholarships to get into college will be out of the running. At this point, 17 states allow high school athletes to compete with members of the opposite sex without requiring cross-sex hormone therapy, surgery, medical diagnosis, or even social transition.  This means that boys can freely compete against girls just by checking a box saying they identify as females. Connecticut is one of those states.  For example, earlier this year, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, two males, won the girls' state track championships for the second year in a...(Read Full Post)
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