Why didn't we do this before?

On July 4, we celebrated with friends at a lake house in North Texas.  It turned out to be a great idea, especially when it was time to watch the fireworks.

Around 5 P.M., we started to watch President Trump and the parade.  It pleased everyone present at the gathering.

It was great for a couple of reasons:

1. The Democrats cannot control themselves.  They overreact, and their predictions don't come true, such as these comments via Lukas Mikelionis:

Trump's fervent critics, meanwhile, resorted to erecting a "Trump baby" balloon to protest what activists saw as his intrusion in Independence Day and a focus on military might that they associate with martial regimes.

"We think that he is making this about himself and it's really a campaign rally," said Medea Benjamin, Code Pink's co-director. "We think that he's a big baby ... He's erratic, he's prone to tantrums, he doesn't understand the consequences of his actions. And so this is a great symbol of how we feel about our president."

How silly does Medea look the day after?  (Particularly after the balloon failed to fly?)

It was not a campaign rally, unless you think remembering past heroes and historic moments is now suddenly a Republican political ad.

2. The people loved it.  My friends at the party saw it as a celebration of U.S. symbols and military.

3. President Trump did not make it about himself.  He restrained himself and spoke a patriotic message.

Once again, President Trump makes a trap, and the crazy Left falls right in.  These people hate Trump so much that they can't think straight.

None of the dire predictions came true.  The parade was great!

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