Why aren't 2020 Democrats publishing a list of Supreme Court nominees?

Yes, it's early, but the Democrat base is being kept in the dark about the names under consideration for the Supreme Court. Back in March 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump published such a list.  I'm sure you remember the uproar when it became public that Mr. Trump had worked with The Federalist and the Heritage Foundation to create the list of names. For me, not someone convinced by Mr. Trump at that point of the primary, the list was a sign confirming that he was serious about nominating the right judges.  It made me feel a lot better about eventually supporting him. So far, the Democrats are not talking about their lists, as we read in this post from Josh Shepherd: As the dust settles after the two-night Democratic debates, the political world continues to analyze what the 20 candidates said.  Meanwhile, in a new major ad campaign, one conservative advocacy group aims to expose what the Democratic candidates didn't say...(Read Full Post)
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