Who has the most egg on his face after the Mueller hearings? Adam Schiff

From the beginning of the Left's attempt to destroy the Trump candidacy, then presidency, it was Adam Schiff who was the most consumed by the fabricated hoax that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the election.  He believed every morsel of disinformation that was carefully leaked by the collaborators at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNC and the Clinton gang.  Once their fake news was leaked, they could and did use those articles as evidence against the President. 

They used those columns of fabricated tales of Trump's collusion to get FISA warrants to spy on every person who was part of the campaign.  They spied, they set-up innocent persons like Papadopoulos in service of constructing a complex but false narrative that would round out their coup.  

For these past two-years plus, it has been Schiff who has had his fingers in his ears, who refused to acknowledge the volumes of information that have been revealed, has clearly not read any of the books published that are chock full of the facts.  In short, it has been Schiff who was obsessed with taking Trump down and out and it is Schiff who has the most egg on his face following the Mueller hearings.  His ridiculous conclusion to his committee's two hours was clearly written before either hearing, and so was in contradiction to what had taken place with every word.

In fact, Schiff may be the only member of Congress ever caught on tape  trying hard to extract dirt in the form of nude pictures of Trump from two Russian comics who called him and offered the “kompromat.”   For two years he has appeared on numerous cable not-news programs and stated that he absolutely had solid evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia to win the election and to do Putin's bidding.  

He never had any such thing.  It was all lies.  Schiff was counting on the success of the conspirators who were busy implementing their grand scheme.  He became especially focused on the so-called twenty-minute-long Trump Tower meeting that was devised by Fusion GPS and employed the Russian lawyer Natalia Veseinitskaya.  She met with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS both before and after that meeting that provided no information on Hillary Clinton, but that Simpson used to imply something nefarious.  To this day, Schiff cannot let go of his conviction that Don Jr. was up to no good.  Even after the Mueller Report was released, Schiff continued to say it proved collusion.  He ignored the facts and continued fundraising on the issue.  The man is a rabid dog with a bone he refuses to drop.  

As Thomas Lifson wrote here, the hearings proved that Mueller was  just a front man for that team of Trump-hating lawless bullies who breached the Constitution over and over again in the course of their "investigation" that was not an investigation at all.  It was treason, beginning to end. Every one of them operated as though they were above the law while repeatedly crowing that "no one is above the law" -- except them. Nearly every Democrat on those two committees repeated that mantra again and again on Wednesday and every one of them has abrogated the very laws they claim to revere.

Mueller was not at all familiar with the report;  it was obvious that he had not even read it.  The revelation that he was "not familiar" with Fusion GPS was a huge tell.  Like Schiff, Mueller was/is unaware of the origins of how this entire fiasco began.  As Devin Nunes was giving his opening statement, Mueller seemed transfixed as though he had never heard any of those facts before.  He was pathetically uninformed as to all the moving parts of the story.  

Mueller embarrassed himself and the Democrats who demanded he appear before them.  His performance, for which we are told he colluded with the Democrats in preparation, was stunning for his abject befuddlement and yet Schiff's concluding remarks were a thorough denial of the mess we all watched.  His appearance with Pelosi and Nadler later in the day seemed to suggest he is still in denial.  He praised Mueller as if he had fulfilled his dream of proving Trump was guilty of something.  There was no hint in his comments that he is giving up on his mania.  His constituents are likely mortified by his obvious neurosis.  Granted, Nadler, Al Green, Maxine Waters, Swalwell, Lieu and the bigoted members of the "squad" are similarly afflicted but slightly less visible, less prominent. 

The President has cooperated fully over the past two-plus years.  He did not deter or obstruct their bogus probe one bit.  He turned over every document requested to the investigation, over a million of them, and allowed every witness they subpoenaed to be interviewed.  Their indiscriminate round-up of persons only peripherally connected to the Trump campaign and family financially ruined several of them who were never charged with anything.  It was an evil enterprise. 

Mueller admitted several times that his project was not interfered with, but the Democrats think that because he wanted to fire Mueller (who wouldn't?) that he is guilty of obstruction.  He could not obstruct an investigation that was never based on a crime but was from the beginning a cover-up.  Louie Gohmert was right when he noted that it was Trump who was pursuing justice.  The Mueller Report was as specious a dossier as the Steele nonsense that members of the coup attempt used to kick-start this entire disaster that has stagnated Congress since the 2016 election.

Now that the long-awaited testimony of Mueller in front of two House Committees, Judiciary and Intelligence, is over, it should be clear to every American that this Special Counsel investigation was all a misguided confidence trick.  What will the Democrats do?  Thus far, it seems they are digging in their heels, stupidly convinced that they can still find a way to impeachment.  But what we all saw on Wednesday was the sad and cruel end to Mueller's career and the Democrats' crusade.  Schiff and Nadler, the two reps who demanded he come before them should be ashamed of themselves.  They are thugs in search of a political kill.

Surely someone close to Mueller knew the truth of his frail condition and his cluelessness re: the report in his name.  Why put him on display?  Why did his wife and adult children not intervene?  Surely, they knew he was not up to being grilled on an investigation he knew nothing about.  

The Democrats may well choose to continue their witch hunt, and that is most definitely what this has been, or give it up and begin doing their jobs as representatives of the people who elected them. If they are smart and if they care about the country, they will turn their backs on the contemptible Schiff and his compulsion and move forward.  Either way, this will all go down as the most serious, most destructive, and most treasonous political scandal in US history.  As for Adam Schiff?  His legacy will not be one of service but of infamy.  

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab

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