We hate Trump, we hate you. But buy our soccer jerseys...

The leftist women's World Cup team has made a lot of noise about wanting more pay, or pay that's equal to the men's teams, yet already the economics of the picture shows that they're actually overpaid

This isn't something unfixable — more ticket sales, more team memorabilia revenue, more television-watchers, more public interest would correct that easily, and it's clear that star players such as Megan Rapinoe know it.

Here's her statement to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, posted on Twitter:

Now, something interesting here is coming up.  This is the team's signature Trump-curser telling the public to get out there and buy tickets and jerseys.  She seems to get very well that revenues for women's soccer come up short, way short, compared to men's events, and more public buying of the products they are selling is what's going to fix that and, eventually, raise their salaries, which is what she would like.

But what did she just do to her potential market?  I'd never heard of her until I read in the news about her "F--- Trump" statements.  That's the first thing I know about her.  That's how she's marketed herself to me.  And it's likely many Americans have experienced her the same way.

Do I want to go to a sports event that features "F--- Trump" chants, or any politics, for that matter?  Can't I just enjoy soccer?  Nike may have benefited from Trump-hating anti-patriots such as Colin Kaepernick, but did she notice what loud politicking did to NFL ticket sales?  Heck, did she notice what hate-Trump hollering did to women's soccer event sales?  Get a load of what Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit has just reported.  Do I, as someone who actually enjoys soccer, want to be among people who hate me and hurl abuse at my unrelated political decisions, all because of how I voted?  Do I want to buy a useless jersey with her name on it as a memento of my time in the soccer stadium, a recollection of the supposed good times?  Don't think so.

Rapinoe has systematically excluded half her market share by making her persona all about hating Trump and being loud about it.  There's plenty of evidence the entire team feels the same way, too.  That's 150 million potential ticket-buyers, jersey-buyers, and television-watchers, excluded right there from the market, because we aren't going to be buying this stuff or, for that matter, paying attention.

That's lefty economics for you, always imagining that the resources are endless.  If Rapinoe wants to expand interest in her sport, she might start by apologizing to all the potential fans she's offended, not to mention the very magnanimous President Trump.  No dice?  Fine.  We'll skip this and find another sport.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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