Was that a Nazi salute the US women's soccer team made in front of a Jewish museum?

Is there a more revolting U.S. women's soccer player than the grandstanding Megan Rapinoe?

Take a look at this questionable gesture coming from someone named Ashlyn Harris, also member of the U.S. Women's National Team, outside the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan:

The picture was posted by the museum itself, so obviously, nothing overt was going on.

But there they are, standing there all blonde and Aryan-looking, with Harris raising her arm in that rigid manner, looking a helluva lot like a Nazi doing the salute. 

The Left is arguing that any suspicion about the arm gesture was all in our heads, nothing more than an accident combined with the right's overactive imaginations.  Snopes pooh-poohs the whole thing, arguing that the gesture was not at all different from the rah-rahing the women do with each other when they win a game.  Snopes posts a picture of another outstretched arm gesture from a game to support this — that looks nothing like the one in front of the Jewish museum.

But at a minimum, it was pretty insensitive, and these women are pretty media-savvy, so one wonders.  Are they a weird proto-Aryan youth cult, de facto or otherwise, selling themselves as America's heroes?  Nobody does a salute like that outside a Jewish museum.  Schoolkids have been sanctioned and re-educated for far less.  But everyone's apologizing for them.

It's interesting, because I've already commented earlier on how the women's team excluded a very rare and very qualified black player for her Christian faith.  News accounts argued that that too was just our imagination and the player didn't make the cut.  But here we have a U.S. soccer player calling black player Jaelene Hinkle a "homophobe" for that Christian faith.  And who, precisely, was that?  Sure enough, Ashlyn Harris, the same one making the Nazi salute. 

It calls to mind the famous propaganda poster from World War II, which was no doubt based on something culled from the ravings of the beast:

All this comes as anti-Semitism is being made respectable by the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the Democratic-led Congress couldn't even pass a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism in response to Omar's many lies about Jews rooted in her Jew-hatred.

To the Trump administration's credit, Attorney General William Barr is setting up a commission to study the spread of anti-Semitism and warning of the hate potential of identity politics, which is the essence of Nazism.  At a minimum, it's creating a record. 

That those women could stand there together with one of them making that peculiar stiff-arm gesture associated with Nazis in front of a Jewish museum pretty well tells us that such a study is quite needed.  Maybe it was a coincidence.  Maybe it was a sort of osmosis of the team's identity politics.  Maybe they wanted to be juvenile and get away with something.  Maybe something worse is happening, as everyone denies.  Could be any of that.  The trends and signs so far are not good.

Image credit: Imgur, public domain, Twitter screen shot.