UN finds a torture den in Venezuela's detention centers. Where are Ocasio-Cortez's fake tears at the fence?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the few Democrats who's openly stood up for and defended the socialist Venezuelan regime even as millions of Venezuelans seek to dislodge it from power.

She's also gone against the grain by stating she's against horrific prison conditions, even when they involve people she despises such as Paul Manafort, who had been threatened with a stretch on Rikers Island by prosecutors seeking to pressure him to hand over information to arrest President Trump.  She's rather rightly called that a matter of principle.

Now a report from the United Nations high commissioner of human rights is out, on Venezuela, and it's profoundly ugly.  According to Bloomberg:

The United Nations called on the Venezuelan government to take "immediate, concrete measures to halt and remedy the grave violations" of economic, social and civil rights, in a report following High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet's visit to Venezuela last month.

Nicolas Maduro's regime has used social programs in a discriminatory manner based on political grounds as a tool for social control, the report said. At the same time, the ruling authorities persecute groups and individuals it perceives as threats, including members of the opposition. Security forces often resort to torture or inhuman treatment, including electric shocks, suffocation, beatings and sexual violence to extract confessions.

The report recommends the dissolution of the national police's feared Special Action Force, known by the Spanish abbreviation FAES, which it blames for thousands of extrajudicial executions, mainly of young men, who have been killed in confrontations with state forces during recent years. It also calls for the disarmament of colectivos — gangs loyal to Maduro.

Extrajudicial executions, suffocation, torture, electric shocks in detention centers?  They just tortured a Venezuelan navy captain to death.  So where's Ocasio-Cortez at the fence to stage a photo op, complete with phony tears?



Suddenly, principles are flexible.  She's got nothing to say about Venezuela, a country she defends again and again, casting the big problem of the place as rooted in President Trump and refusing the simplest requests to condemn the nightmare.  And while she's making phony shouts of "concentration camps" to U.S. detention centers made unpleasant by too many people trying to get in and Democrats such as herself voting to withhold funding for them to make them habitable, there are some real horror camps going on a mere thousand miles from our border, from a nation that has driven four million of its own people out of the country and into lives as refugees.  Some of them, by the way, are turning up at this same U.S. border surge and note that they'd rather do that than go back to Caracas. 

The irony here is that Ocasio-Cortez wants everyone to think the U.S. is the problem, that the U.S. supposedly runs the concentration camps.  Socialist regimes — which torture, rape, suffocate, and conduct electric shocks against people trying to change the system — get a pass.  Blame America First — and in her case, only America.

What's going on in Venezuela is clearly the work of the socialist regime's Cuban masters because the country never had these kinds of conditions before.  Those would be the same Cuban security forces who were trained by the brutal East German Stasi, who themselves had been trained by the...actual Nazis.  Speaking of concentration camps...

Funny how socialism travels.

So where's Ocasio again?  Staging phony photo-ops at detention centers for migrants seeking illegally to get into the States.  Not a word from her about the real atrocities going on in socialist Venezuela's detention centers for legitimate political protesters.

Nowhere.  I've scoured her Twitter feed, and she has nothing to say about this.  Her last statement about Venezuela is here:

Her last fire and brimstone about unpleasant U.S. migrant detention centers is here:

But now that Venezuela's detention centers have been exposed, by the United Nations, no less, she's got nothing to say. 

Bachelet, by the way, is the very socialist former president of Chile who has made the report.  Ocasio-Cortez wouldn't be alone if she blasted this socialist hellhole's detention practices.  There's security in numbers here.

But still she stays silent.  Can we draw one conclusion about her?  She's not about humanitarian concerns.  She's about seeking raw power, using people's emotions about what's humane to achieve her ends.  Socialism is always given a pass.  The U.S., by contrast, is another story.

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