Trump gets truly brutal: Forces Nancy Pelosi to defend the very leftists trying to oust her

At first glance, it looked like maybe a blunder, some political overplaying of the hand, the Sunday move by President Trump that could finally make the internally warring Democrats circle their fractious wagons and unite.  It certainly was politically risky.

Trump tweeted out this string of comments:

Trump was horning in on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's public catfight with four far-left fellow Democratic representatives after one of them, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was last seen calling Pelosi racist.  Pelosi had merely told the "squad" to keep their internal party disagreements with others on the inside.  They ignored that and whipped out the race card, signaling that Pelosi is powerless, and they were trying to take her down.

Trump not only defended Pelosi as a non-racist, which must have given Pelosi heartburn — the work of a master troll, as Thomas Lifson put it earlier...but dug the knife in further.  This one was savage.

He made a series of outrageous tweets called on Pelosi's own "squad" to go back to the countries they came from.

There was the kind of stuff Democrats live to react to — starting with its careless elements, which he probably wanted to be careless, in order to get them to spend their time hollering about a nothingburger.  Only one of the "squad" members Trump cited actually comes from another country, Somalia, so it wasn't really an accurate statement except in Rep. Ilhan Omar's case.

But it didn't matter: he managed to get them and their press allies spending their yelling on that.

Second, he took on the politically correct idea that in polite society, one is never supposed to tell a foreigner to go back where he came from.  He tramped on that, too.  The Democrats reacted wildly to that one: "THIS is what racism looks like," tweeted Ayanna Pressley, who then went on to deploy a string of boring slogans dating from the Obama era.  "WE are what democracy looks like.  And we're not going anywhere.  Except back to DC to fight for the families you marginalize and vilify everyday [sic]."  Been there, heard that.

Trump's tweets did have an electoral politics nexus — plenty of working-class people sought by Democrats for votes speak and think this way, and these tweets and the Democrats' outraged responses put them all on record for the voters.

But more important, his measure was aimed at Pelosi herself, forcing her to defend the very people who up until now have been trying to politically kill her.  Pelosi prissily called Trump's tweets "xenophobic," and the press dutifully reported that narrative, clutching pearls.

But what we are seeing now is Democrats ganging up in Pelosi and blaming her for the whole Trump tweet string.  They're emboldened.  They aren't blaming Trump for this; they know Trump.  They are using Trump's tweets to intensify their fire on Pelosi.  And Trump knows this.  It's likely he planned it this way.  Just look what's going on among the leftists on Twitter:

Effectively, he's gotten them to turn on Pelosi, a brutally hardball "cut your head off" politician who has thwarted his agenda again and again.  He's gutting her, forcing her to defend people who are trying to knock her out and, in the process, watching as they increase their power and come up with every more outrageous demands.

That's hardball.  Trump knows what he is doing, very well, creating chaos on a prissily creepy power structure built on political correctness.  He's thrown a spanner in their works, and Pelosi doesn't even know it.  Now her Democratic enemies are becoming more powerful, circling her, preparing for the kill.  As for Trump, there really wasn't that much political risk for him in it, given the number of voters who despise Rep. Ilhan Omar, now known as "Miss Nine Percent."  Risk of annoying voters, yes, but Trump is not afraid of risk.  He's calculating what he can get from knocking out Pelosi and what he could lose by turning off some voters, and calculating that the better deal is to debilitate Pelosi.  That's real power.  Trump is demonstrating in an ingenious way how to use it.

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