Time Magazine unconsciously contributes to President Trump’s re-election effort

We live in a remarkable historical moment, in which Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven a large share of the Progressive Left mad. As in a psychotic state, in which reality has been superseded by a fantasy world that seems quite real to them, but which is delusional.  In that fantasy realm, everyone agrees with their deranged notions that, for instance, President Trump is a Nazi sympathizer (whose favorite child converted to Judaism), that the world will end in 12 years unless the government takes over the economy, and that everyone else in the world – all 6 or 7 billion of them –has a right to come to the United States and enjoy free health care courtesy of American taxpayers.

As Brandon Straka, founder of the #Walkaway movement, noticed, Time Magazine is mired in delusion, publishing this magazine cover:

Here is his reference to Children of the Damned for those not fmailiar with the horror classic.