Third wildcat bid to Impeach Trump leaves Nancy Pelosi with egg all over her face

Fresh from the messy House bid to condemn President Trump for his tweets, House speaker Nancy Pelosi has another embarrassment on her hands — her inability to control Rep. Al Green, who launched his third impeachment bid against President Trump, failing spectacularly just like the past two times.  His measure was squelched, 332-95, which President Trump tweeted gleefully.

That act, from the House's most feeble-minded member, is going to undercut Pelosi own bid to set the stage for impeachment.  According to the left-leaning Texas Tribune:

Green's actions were widely dismissed as a rogue campaign with virtually no shot at passing. And some of Green's colleagues have questioned the timing of the push.  On July 24, former special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to deliver his long-awaited testimony before Congress, an event that some Democrats argue could lay the groundwork for the path to impeachment.

That Pelosi couldn't stop even this guy from horning in on her impeachment act sends the message that Pelosi's bid will have the same result.  Not a good look for a politician who's out to play hardball with President Trump with that Mueller gambit.  Up until now she's opposed impeachment bids, knowing very well that a clumsily done one could cost her control of the House in 2020, given the large numbers of red-state Democrats who are seeking to present themselves as moderates to the voters.  Green is nothing if not clumsy.

It also comes at a bad time.  Pelosi's already under fire for being unable to control her "squad" faction of radical Democratic freshmen — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — based on the spats of the past week.  In that dustup, Pelosi got labeled a "racist," and President Trump had a field day about the whole thing on Twitter.  Now she can't even control Green.  Can she control any faction of the Democratic Party?  The whole thing calls into question her leadership.  She can't seem to lead anyone.

And Green is an unusually stupid member of Congress, which means she couldn't even manipulate a fool.  As I argued after his second attempt:

I looked this guy up and nothing out there spoke well for him.

Green's been in Congress since 2005, with better than average committee attendence (the one seemingly positive thing about his record), except that it hasn't translated to any significant power in the legislative body. He sits on only one House committee, Maxine Waters' Financial Services Committee, which is run by Maxine, and seems to serve as a dumping ground for all sorts bottom-of-the-barrel nutcases, including socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and far-left anti-Semite Rep. Rashida Tlaib. He sports a perfect 100 rating from Planned Parenthood, and a zero rating from the National Rifle Association, but even that hasn't translated into any political rewards for him. Green also holds congressional Asian-Pacific and congressional Black Caucus memberships, the latter of which is probably his only real source of his power - he has a soapbox.

All those years, and nothing to show for it. The Root, a leading black news site, dismisses him as a figure of fun, uncharitably calling him the "real-life Cro Magnon man." 

And so, a sex scandal or two later, what's a dullard with perfect attendence, no power, and titters from the black press to do? He's now making a name for himself, by calling for President Trump's resignation - no matter how absurd the circumstances.

He obviously saw his opportunity again in the wake of the "squad" shambles, and Pelosi admitted to the press that she wasn't happy about it.  The Texas Tribune isn't looking upon him kindly for it, either:

When asked whether she supported Green's articles of impeachment, Pelosi granted the motion little legitimacy: "No, I don't. Does that come as a surprise?" On the House floor, Green acknowledged that his persistent attempts to impeach the president without the backing of his own party will not make him the most popular member on Capitol Hill, but he stressed that his efforts are moral, not strategic.

"There are times where you have to do things which are neither safe, nor politic, nor popular," he said. "You have to do it because it's right."

So is there anyone Pelosi can lead?  Any reason to keep her as speaker of the House?  Party unity, anyone?  Her precious Democrats are splitting off in all directions, and Pelosi can't stop them.  She must have nothing in the way of carrots or sticks left.  They are all going to do what they are going to do, and Pelosi will be left holding the bag.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot