The Squad is laying bare the Democratic Party

The Squad has brought to the public debate the drastic change in the modern Democratic Party.  We have had a Socialist Party since Norman Thomas, who ran for the presidency six times, but the Democratic and Republican Parties always agreed on the basic premise that our country's economy is based on free enterprise.  We have a safety net of welfare programs, but there was never a serious dispute that free enterprise provides the best system for economic mobility and for producing the funds necessary to fund a safety net.  Both parties understood that the free enterprise system is the best system to produce enough taxes for the government to spend for the programs favored by each party.

But today's national Democratic Party has embraced the socialist dogma.  Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the stars of the Democratic Party and have forced the Democratic presidential candidates to agree with their policies.

The Dems now stand for open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and states, and abolition of ICE.  This means they reject the idea that the United States is a nation-state entitled to defend its borders.  Anyone can enter our country at any time for any reason.

The Dems also stand for health care and insurance for illegal aliens, free college, elimination of student debt, Medicare for all, a green deal that would eliminate autos with the gas combustion engine, reparations, and regulation of carbon emissions that would destroy our economy.  These programs would require a massive increase in the federal administrative state to control and regulate the economy and how people live and massive tax increases.

If you want to redistribute income, then you need a powerful federal government to take money from us and redistribute it.  This will result in a loss of individual liberty.  And a socialist economy will kill the initiative and enterprise necessary to build businesses that employ and pay taxes to fund the programs of the socialists.

The Dems, led by the Squad, talk about their lofty goals that are attractive to many but refuse to talk about the means to achieve their goals.  Naturally, the media who support the Dems do not ask about the means and how the means will change our country.

The bottom line is that the Squad Dems want to redistribute income, which requires a powerful administrative state to force people to comply.

The Squad Democrats are totalitarians who will impose their views and change our country to a less free country.

Image: Tony Webster via Flickr.

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