The path to a fortune: Get fired from an Illinois public college

The Chicago Tribune chronicles an astonishing list of academics who have received huge payouts from Illinois state-owned institutions of higher education or remained collecting six-figure salaries after losing their jobs.  Many of them failed in their jobs but made threats of litigation, so they were bought off with taxpayers' money.  That's a lot easier than airing dirty laundry.  You wouldn't want those hiring decisions to come under scrutiny, now, would you?

Everybody wins...except the chumps that pay taxes.

Two examples, out of 13.

Thomas Calhoun Jr.

Calhoun, who lasted just nine months at Chicago State University on the Far South Side, received $600,000 as part of a separation agreement approved by trustees in September 2016. The severance pay was double Calhoun’s annual salary.

Timothy Flanagan

Flanagan resigned as president of Illinois State University in March 2014, less than a year after he started. He resigned shortly after a police investigation of an alleged confrontation with a school employee and was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Under a separation agreement, Flanagan walked away with a $480,418 check.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol.

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