The New York Times Antifa fallacy

Greg Weiner writes for the New York Times "The Trump Fallacy" with subhead, "Despite what some of the president's supporters think, you cannot celebrate his policies and ignore his poor behavior."

Do leftists like Weiner think you can support Democrats and ignore Antifa's poor behavior?

Whose behavior is worse, Trump's or Antifa's?  Did Trump beat anyone this weekend?  Ask Andy Ngo.

Media denounce Trump as "the enemy of the press" but stroke Antifa as heroic.  They deride Trump as autocratic while Antifa autocratically holds city streets hostage to gruesome violence.  Antifa violence never gets front-page treatment in legacy media; in fact, they have omitted its existence dating back to Trump's pre-election rallies.  Emboldened by such friendly cover, Antifa has upped the violence.

The press presents an image of Antifa as a political Robin Hood whose illicit behavior is justified because it serves a greater good. The lying, the vulgarity, the disruption of innocent citizens' daily lives, and the beatings are unrelated to President Trump's policies.  If Antifa professes constitutional rights, it should at least understand that it is more about process than policy.  Constitutions depend on habits and traditions, not the momentary outcome a riot or a beating creates.  Omitting coverage of Antifa and its violent practices upends our customs and will form a nihilistic legacy that endures, a press legacy of dishonesty that will endure.

Weiner's flaw arises from what he calls the "post Trump, ergo propter Trump" fallacy.  It is a misuse of the classic Latin phrase "post hoc ergo propter hoc," supposing that a latter event is caused by a former event.  Today the fallacy is best illustrated by "Antifa is violently protesting, therefore there must be something worthy of violent protest."  Of course, that something is Trump.

But there isn't one thing in Trump's America worthy of violent protest.  Peaceful protest armed with inner strength and fortitude, I will grant you, but violence should be regarded as ignorant, uncultured, and hostile to intellectual achievement.  Antifa is leftist thuggery in the name of subhuman brutishness.

The violence of the Left is a natural outgrowth of a longtime leftist love of "protest."  They prize protest as a value even when there is no rationale for protest.  It is this lack of intellectual foundation that leads to irrational and therefore ferocious acts of violence.  Adrift in this fallacy, the Left and the press violate any standards of civil behavior and then blame Trump for making them act as barbarians.

Antifa's defenders justify the trampling of civic norms.  There is no obvious connection between serial thuggery and the suggestion of a policy agenda.  No one knows what Antifa wants, least of all Antifa.  In their black masks, these people are a negative image of an earlier strong-arm faction of the Democratic Party, the one that wore white masks.  No wonder the Democrats in media are so comfortable with Antifa.

It is difficult to negotiate a domestic agenda while someone holds a milkshake laced with cement over your head.

The gratuitous nature of Antifa's reprehensible behavior adds an element of farce to the tragic bargain many of Antifa's apologists in the press have struck.  Antifa beatings occur in a darkness created by outlets like the "we know our Latin" New York Times — garbafe init, exit purgamentum.

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