Deep State apoplectic over the appointment of John Ratcliffe as DNI โ€” for good reason

The testimony of Robert Mueller signaled the end of Act One of the Russia Hoax story arc.  The appointment of Rep. (and former U.S. attorney) John Ratcliffe as the new director of National Intelligence launches Act Two, where the events of the first act begin to be understood in a new light.  (Act Three is coming, where the villains are held responsible, but that will have to wait for trials to begin, after indictments are handed down by grand juries in Hartford and Salt Lake City.  Remember that the election is still 15 months away.) The miscreants and their friends understand very well what is ahead, and they are acting accordingly.  As predictable as the sun rising in the east, we see hysteria, such as this from the Washington Post's David Ignatius, worried that the safety of the Republic (or at least the CIA — pretty much the same thing in the eyes of Deep Staters) itself is in danger.  It comes complete...(Read Full Post)
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