Ted Cruz sacks Colin Kaepernick, grabs ball, and scores (on Twitter)

Colin Kaepernick, Nike's commissar of America-hatred, may have been a quarterback, but he took a half-a--ed approach to anti-slavery hero Frederick Douglass.  Flaunting the blinders that progressives wear when they consider our collective history, he took a quotation out of context in order to try to score an own goal against the country that birthed him, made him a multi-millionaire, and now indulges him in his extended adolescence.

Fortunately, Ted Cruz knows much more than Kaepernick and demolished his point on Twitter (hat tip: Twitchy).

Incidentally, President Trump's patriotic and utterly non-partisan speech yesterday on the National Mall (watch it here) included praise of the "great Frederick Douglass" among other heroes of our past.

Weak point:

Devastating counterpoint:

Kaepernick is the living embodiment of the adage, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Photo credit: Twitter icon.