Stupid polling propaganda tricks continue

They're at it again.

Politico's Playbook presents poll results showing that the five leading Democrats in their presidential field all beat Trump.  Only a generic "socialist" fails to beat him...but even the socialist ties the president.

TRUMP MATCHUPS, among all adults, via the WaPo/ABC poll:

-- BIDEN 55, TRUMP 41

-- HARRIS 51, TRUMP 43

-- WARREN 51, TRUMP 44





But Richard Baehr examines to poll'’s internals and writes:

Note that they list the results for all voters.  That means including adults who are not registered.   Pollsters rarely even show these numbers.  Using registered voters, Trump does much better.  Among likely voters, better still.

So why does Politico highlight all adults?

I can't imagine why….

Maybe the government of Qatar knows?

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