Spot the racists in the Democrats' presidential field

Is Democratic presidential candidate, Kamala Harris a racist because she has proposed a $100-billion housing subsidy only for people of color?  Even if they earn as much as $125K a year or more than twice the U.S. household median income of $60,336 in 2017.

Not since the passage of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1868 has the federal government passed a race-based financial subsidy.  Since at least the 1860s, federal funds have been colorblind and have given to all based on need as defined by income, not race.  Providing funds based on race is, of course, unconstitutional, but lawyer and former state attorney general Harris does not care.  She is trying to prove she can compete in the socialist giveaway of your and our children's money.  She is trying to prove she is the blackest black in the room.  So take that, Donald Trump, Jr.

Kamala Harris is tearing down the tradition of a race-neutral federal government to give preference to one race over another.  She is reversing 150 years of moving toward a colorblind society to one based on race preferences.  This is progress?

Why are not poor Asians or even, God forbid, poor whites eligible for the subsidy?  Is it because Kamala Harris is a racial bigot?

More than 17% of Americans are in an interracial marriage.  If one member of the household is white and the other black, as in Harris's household, does the white partner cancel the blackness of the other partner in qualifying for the subsidy?

Or maybe it is Cory Booker who is the racist.  He recently affirmed that he sees no need to stop conferring with the notorious racist Farrakhan.  Since Farrakhan's speeches deal primarily with race-baiting against whites and vilifying Jews, what does Cory Booker have to confer with Farrakhan about?

Or is Cory Booker competing with Kamala Harris in pandering to the black Alt Right?

Or maybe it is the whole coterie of Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Harris, and Booker, who bent the knee and kissed the ring of the street hater with Jewish blood on his hands, Al Sharpton.

Image via President Trump's Instagram account.

How do we define a racist?  How about someone who judges your qualities based on your race?  That would seem to fit Kamala Harris's subsidy program.  Only one race need apply.

A racist is one who promotes violence against others based on race or denies our common humanity.  That would fit Al Sharpton and Farrakhan.

How about someone who in virtually all of his speeches calls out our common humanity by saying we all "bleed red, white, and blue"?  Oh, that would be President Trump — Trump, who, when he opened Mar-a-Lago in the 1990s, integrated country clubs in Palm Beach for blacks and Jews.  Trump is considered a civil rights hero in Palm Beach.  Unlike the Democratic candidates, he has tried to unite us through our shared patriotism.  The Democratic candidates have tried to divide us along racial lines.  That used to be called racism.  It still is.

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