Speaking of willies: In Epstein case, Bill Clinton is going to find himself politically expendable

With the Epstein child-molesting scandal now breaking, attention is building for the most famous Democrat on the roster of Epstein's travel-mates, former president Bill Clinton.  At long last, he may finally be going down.

He's been in trouble before, and he's wrought incredible trouble for the United States as a result.  But he's always gotten away with it.

When the Monica Lewinsky sexual story broke, President Clinton engaged the insightful and effective political player Dick Morris to poll on the question of what to do about the breaking scandal:

Morris told the President that the public would forgive him for adultery but not for perjury or obstruction of justice, the President responded: 'We will just have to win then'.

With that political commander's guidance, "we just have to win" Clinton, Inc. went into full damage control, and it was totally disgusting.

In order to "just have to win," an insatiable greedy quest for money was activated.  The Clinton machine sold the national security of the United States out to the People's Republic of China, to its Ministry of State Security.  The Clintons needed campaign money to win so badly that everything they could get their grifter hands on was up for sale to the People's Liberation Army.  Their lasting long-term damage to our national security is incalculable, particularly in the event of a war with China.

All because of a sex scandal and Clinton's inability to be truthful about it.  Sadly, as the impeachment case against President Clinton built in the House of Representatives, the investigations into the loss of our high-tech military advantage to China were deemed a matter of second order and not part of the impeachment case.  But it is the impact of what happened in the U.S. as a result that was the true scandal.  Worse still, they got away with it.  The Epstein case may not let Bill Clinton off so easily. 

Personally, as the House Rules Committee national security investigator, I learned a lot about this China scandal.  I was eventually allowed to co-author a book telling of this scandal: NYT bestseller Year of the Rat.

It was the best we all could do.  Many other Regnery Press bestselling authors also went after Clinton, Inc. such as Gary Aldrich and Bill Gertz, but the Clinton, Inc. corruption machine was undaunted, and it reigned successfully until finally stopped by candidate and now president Donald Trump.

It is now with amazement that a new generation of Americans have just seen the famous Clinton playbook of impunity adultery crumple in less than twenty-four hours after Jeffrey Epstein was indicted.  Previously, all that both Bill and Hillary simply had to do, either collectively or individually, was lie like a rug to avoid trouble for their misdeeds.  Many in a compliant media establishment allowed them not just to survive, but to flourish.  They're at the center of the scandal.

With the Epstein case, the habitual lies flat-out don't work, thanks to a diligent investigative author, Conchita Sarnoff, and Fox News's reporting.

"Almost every time that Clinton's name is on the pilot logs there are underage girls there are initials and there are names of many many girls on that private plane."

"I'm saying, sadly, that he is not telling the truth."

What I see in this Epstein case is something more.  From this day forward, "boom goes the dynamite" is operative.  This scandal is finally is going to take down Clinton, Inc.

The Clintons got away with an amazing array of security breaches based on sexual and other misconduct in the past.  But I do not think Bill Clinton realizes that this new generation of Democrats is not willing to defend him.

This may be a unique moment in time when Bill and Hillary, "two for the price of one," find themselves politically expendable.  After all, they were given fair warning by the daughter of the speaker of the House, Christine Pelosi.

Christine Pelosi, a Democratic National Committee official and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, warned conspicuously on Saturday evening that it is "quite likely that some of our faves are implicated" in the "horrific" sex-trafficking case against politically connected financier Jeffrey Epstein[.]

For Clinton, Inc., decades of corruption by the playbook are finally facing a day of reckoning.  With art imitating life, a line rings out, spoken by the Marine "Animal Mother" in the epic Vietnam War movie Full Metal Jacket: "You're fresh out of friends."

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