Will Democrats support a border wall to halt out-of-California gun-buying?

The Left is back promoting gun control as the solution to every mass murder incident, the latest of which occurred in Gilroy, California on Sunday.

Here they go.

There's just one little problem with this gun-grabbing panacea they're getting all this attention about: California already has gun control.

In fact, it has the nation's strongest strictures on the books.  There's nothing more that they can do in the state, other than house-to-house searches, expropriating guns from anyone who possesses a legally held weapon.  In a one-party state rigged up so there's no competition, don't put it past them.  But from the Gilroy shooting, what we can come away with is that gun control doesn't work.

The shooter, some miserable loser with alienation problems and too much internet, like so many of them, (including these creeps who didn't even use guns in their mass-killing sprees), went out of state to get his gun, purchasing it legally in Nevada.  All the gun control laws in the world in California had no effect, because he just went around them.

Sure, you can maybe force Nevada into gun control, as some are calling for.  But what happens when the killer goes to Utah?  And even if you could force every state to have California's gun laws to prevent mass shootings, it's still no problem to get your guns over the border in Mexico.  Forcing gun control onto Mexico is not only a violation of their sovereignty, but actually quite useless.  Mexico has even stricter gun control laws than California, along with cartels (and plenty of other people who want to defend themselves) who just don't obey them. 

Sure, many of the illegal guns in Mexico have a U.S. origin, although the figures are exaggerated.  The Obama administration itself allowed quite a few of them to go over in its Fast & Furious scandal.  But regardless of the traffic flow, the guns are there, and they can easily move either way across borders.  Mexican officials have often used U.S.-origin gun traffic heading into their country as a counterpoint to the problem of illegal border crossings from their side as a face-saver — see, both sides are a problem — and some even support the building of a wall to keep that traffic out...

What's that again about a wall?

Democrats yelling about gun control slams smack-dab into their argument against a border wall.  A border wall with Mexico most certainly would prevent a would-be mass shooter from skirting California's tough gun laws, and any other state's tough gun laws, by enabling killers to buy them in Mexico.  If Democrats were serious about gun control, it would be a natural for them to support a border wall.

But of course, they're not serious.  All they want to do is posture and virtue-signal.  Gun control laws and an open border do not mix well.  

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with Pixabay public domain photos

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