So who won that sit-down between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi?

Feuding House Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, having been driven into each other's unloving arms by President Trump's tweets, held a sit-down, kind of the way mobsters do, presumably to persuade those of us on the outside that all's well between them, and above all, to get Trump to stop tweeting about them.  Both are machine pols, after all, and rival machine pols aren't very different from rival mafia families.  They have common interests and common enemies, after all.

Both came out of their sit-down Friday assuring us all was capiche.  According to Fox News:

"We sat down today, we had a good meeting. The congresswoman is a very gracious member of Congress, so we had a very positive conversation."

She added: "I feel ... it's like you're in a family. In a family, you have your differences, but you're still family. We just had a meeting to clear the air."

 Ah.  The family.  But of course.

Ocasio-Cortez was a bit more muted but had the same all's-well banalities, as if none of us had noticed that the pair were at each other's throats just two weeks ago:

Speaking to reporters afterward, Ocasio-Cortez called the meeting "productive."

"I'm looking forward to us continuing our work, and as always, I think the speaker respects the fact that we're coming together as a party," she said.

The photos suggested something different.  Here's the one Pelosi's office shared on Twitter:

One of these things is not like the other. Notice the broad natural grin, the merry eyes, in the face of Ocasio-Cortez.  Notice the strained forced smile and the mirthless eyes in the face of Pelosi, the unnatural face thrust forward, the grippy hand on her thigh.  Here are the faces, up close.

That's some "nice meeting," as they put it.  The happiness level, to say the least, is asymmetrical.

Here are the eyes:

One of these characters is smiling.  The other is not.

Now, one of two things is probably happening...

Ocasio-Cortez got all of her demands met and is merrily grinning for the cameras, la-dee-da, as Pelosi promises to do all she asks: committee seats, Green New Deal, extreme leftism, forging right ahead together with impeaching Trump and other unpopular ideas associated with Ocasio-Cortez.  All in exchange for keeping their mutual loathing for each other off Twitter and out of the press.

The other is more interesting.  Maybe Pelosi has persuaded the inexperienced Ocasio-Cortez to think she's gotten all she wants — and she hasn't.  The cut-your-head-off House speaker is an evil old lizard who has gotten the picture she wants and can't alter her mirthless appearance (either because she wants it that way — or maybe it's Botox).  Now that she's got her little fool fooled into thinking all's well, she will surely drive the stiletto in, just as Luca Brasi got that sudden knife in the hand.

Yet at the same time, Ocasio-Cortez is the one creating problems, and Pelosi's the one in pain for it.  I can even see a trace of pleading in Pelosi's eyes...

Hard to say.  But it's a great one to watch, because the one thing that's sure about this is that the declared peace between the two isn't going to last.

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