So where the heck is the mayor of Portland?

In the wake of a horrific Antifa attack that put a conservative journalist in the hospital with traumatic head injuries, Portland, Oregon's mayor has made himself scarce.

Jammie-Wearing Fool puts out a harshly phrased, if perfectly reasonable, question on Twitter:

It checks out.  Portland mayor Ted Wheeler's website shows no acknowledgment of the awfulness of the violent incident.  It doesn't even show any mayoral efforts to cover the matter up with, say, claims from the mayor that he never told the police to stand down, or perhaps claims that he never encouraged the thugcraft that now rules his city.  Mayors always do this even in uncomfortable situations — South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg came out to show the flag when he came under fire for an uncomfortable police incident with racial overtones.  For Wheeler, the press is in his tree, with someone named Kale Williams writing in The Oregonian that the injured man, Andy Ngo, was said by some leftist to have written something racist, quite an irrelevant thing to write about someone assaulted in a violent jail time–offense attack.  So it's all OK, Kale?

Wheeler's site, if you go to it, invites his constituents instead to ask him for mayoral letters congratulating residents on having a new baby or acknowledging people who are turning 100.  The other entries concern public housing affordability and condemnations of a racial incident a couple years ago in distant Charlottesville, Virginia.  His blog has something about trash removal dating from June 21.

Nothing at all about the Andy Ngo incident, which has gotten his city's name all over the world news map now.  It's as though he's hunkering down, hiding, expecting the matter to go away by making it unimportant — even as U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell has called for a Justice Department investigation and Sen. Ted Cruz has tweeted that he wants the feds to start looking into the matter.

Still nothing to say from Wheeler, no condemnation of violence, not even a fake lefty promise to "do better." 

The whole picture really does have the look of Antifa ruling Portland the way the Klan once did what it wanted in Biloxi.  Where the heck is this guy as Antifa has a field day in his city, and why is he trying to ignore this?

Image credit: City of Portland screen shot, fair use public domain.