Showdown at the supermarket check-out line corral

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Last weekend, Erica Thomas, a black Democratic state representative and House minority leader from Georgia, accused a supposedly racist white man named Eric Sparkes (who is in fact a Democrat himself and a marginally white Cuban-American) of telling her to "go back where [she] came from."  Thomas and her allies in the press have transformed this nothingburger of an event into a national story.  Thomas was in the express checkout lane at a grocery store when the dispute began, apparently over the number of items she was attempting to check out.  We cannot say for certain who the real aggressor was, but we do know that Thomas apparently has some difficulty counting to ten.

Thomas accuses Sparkes to his face.
(Twitter video screen grab.)

Whether this gentleman actually said what she claims he said after the two got into it is not really important.  (He denies it, by the way, and she is already starting to backtrack and equivocate on some of her most extravagant allegations.)  When people get into heated exchanges, rude and crude things are sometimes said.  Supermarket disputes are not worthy of national attention, unless there is an ulterior motive for giving them such attention.  And there is.  The lying press uses these insignificant events as a stealthy and fundamentally totalitarian way to dominate and control the white population.  There is simply no other reason to turn trivial occurrences like this into national stories.

According to some reports, the police are even investigating the incident.  But what exactly are they investigating?  What is there to investigate?  Is it a crime in America now for a white man to talk back to a black woman?  I mean, what crime could possibly have been committed here?  Are microaggressions hate crimes now?  Does political incorrectness now constitute blasphemy against the state religion of diversity?

This kind of oppressive monitoring from local cops and local reporters and federal civil rights agencies has whites constantly asking themselves: am I doing something racist, am I saying something racist, am I thinking something racist?  To the extent those questions are arising from conscience and personal morality, nobody could possibly call that conscience or morality freely adopted at this point.  Whites have been browbeaten, coerced, and brainwashed from birth to adopt this vile anti-racist moral system.  It is about as freely adopted as burqa-wearing in Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, for the most part, this is not where these questions are springing from.  A great many intelligent whites have caught on to what is being done to them.  Thus, the source of these questions and concerns is primarily external, not internal.  White people are absolutely terrified of the severe real-world consequences of engaging in even the most remotely racist behavior.  This is not the conduct or condition of a free people — constantly wondering, fearing, and fretting about if you're going to be slandered and shamed nationally for offending the fragile sensibilities of a member of some eternally innocent victim class while out running errands.  This is no way for any people to live.  Until whites completely immunize themselves materially and psychologically from charges of racism and like charges emanating from their racial and political enemies (sexism, transphobia), they will never be free.  Their civilization will continue to decline.  Their economic prospects will continue to suffer.  Opiates and suicide will continue to seem preferable to their everyday existence.

Policing supermarket disputes for implicitly racist attitudes is evil.  It is Sovietesque.  It is calculated and totalitarian and intolerable.  And yet this kind of madness has been going on for decades.  It is how the Cultural Marxists shame and control and terrorize the white American population.  This is their bread and butter.

On Twitter the other day, Robin Enochs asked rhetorically, "Is accusing half the country of racism really going to be the 2020 Democratic strategy?"  But isn't the answer to that rhetorical question obvious?  Of course it is!  That's all they have.  That's all they've ever had.  What's more, that strategy has been tremendously, indeed almost miraculously, effective.  I mean, these folks turned what was arguably the happiest, most successful nation in the history of the world into some sort of semi-Marxist, second-world, pervasively corrupt, dystopian snake pit in roughly half a century's time.  That racism charge has been their go-to tactic every step of the way.  Anti-racism is a blight eating away at everything decent and wholesome in this country.  And it has eaten through almost everything at this point.  Ours is a fundamentally transformed nation, make no mistake about it.

What's more, the political Left has successfully combined its never-ending charges of racism against whites with legal force and media shaming and corporate blacklisting and word-policing and diversity-worship and pseudo-intellectual racist propaganda about white privilege and white fragility and Hollywood disinformation about the uniquely wicked nature of white history and every other form of Pavlovian conditioning imaginable. Whites have become to accusations of racism what Punxsutawney Phil is to his own shadow. It is painful to watch.

White people are so afraid to take their own side, to stand up for themselves, to band together, to prefer their own, to acknowledge the harsh reality of racial differences when it comes to intelligence and crime and everything else, that it's just downright pathetic. While every other group advances their own interests, whites fall all over themselves to advance the interests of every other group. It is borderline pathological. I think most white people would rather be dead and buried than called racist. The road to serfdom was paved with anti-racist intentions here in America. And there is no way to characterize the current state of white America's psyche other than as colonized, vassalized, tyrannized.

Donald Trump seems to think that Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hate America, but he could not be more wrong. They are actually quite fond of America, and its current incarnation. What they truly hate is Donald Trump and the folks they believe he speaks for. They resent the fact that there is still some resistance out there in the heartland to their totalitarian leftist agenda. It infuriates them that there are pockets of the former America, a whiter America, a more Christian America, a more traditional America, a more decent America, that still survive. It is that former America they truly hate and wish to snuff out at last.

Thanks to Edward Snowden we know there is a decent chance we are being watched at any given moment here in America, or listened to, or monitored, or whatever, but one can't help but think these occasional, widely publicized, racially charged incidents are sort of there to remind us. It is the power structure's way of saying, "Hey whitey, we're watching you. You're not a racist are you?" Land of the free? My white ass. This is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned.