Remembering the great Johnny Clegg for what he should be remembered for

The news accounts are full of tributes to prominent South African musician Johnny Clegg, who tragically died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer at age 66.  When I heard this myself on Twitter, I was sad enough to shed tears. The postmortems describe him as an anthropologist, a bridge-builder, a barrier-breaker, and an activist.  They made much of his embrace of Zulu culture — not just liking it, but jumping into it, going native, learning the language, mastering the dances, wearing the ceremonial dress, and using it in his performances to the point of earning the nickname "the white Zulu" — a nickname he reportedly disliked.  Media outlets ran headlines like this:  Johnny Clegg, South African Singer Who Battled Apartheid With Music, Is Dead at 66 —New York Times Johnny Clegg, Anti-Apartheid Musician in South Africa, Dead at 66 —Rolling Stone Johnny Clegg, A Uniting Voice Against...(Read Full Post)
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