Raw racism: Bette Midler calls black people at Trump rally 'blackground' and asks what they were paid

At a time when black employment is at a record high, rappers such as Kanye West are calling President Trump their 'dragon brother,' and large numbers of black people are joining the Republican Party, how's this for a rabid racist response from the unhinged left?

I present for you washed-up actress and vaudeville act, Bette Midler:



This analysis from one Twitterer explains the problem well:

and this, too...



And those were just a couple of whites who were aghast, the reaction from black people was furious:











The Washington Examiner has culled more here.

Democrats, well, ever since slavery, have always views black people as their 'property.' Anyone dissenting from their orthodoxy has been called 'off the plantation.' The groupthink demands are smothering. Ever since, they've been quick to tell black people what they're allowed to think, and a lot of them are going to take it anymore. That's why many in the Trump era are just walking away for them. This movement now has leaders, with black people such as Candace Owen, who started a mass movement of blacks leaving the Democrats, explicitly wording the matter as 'thinking for ourselves.'

That's driven some entitled old-line Democrats such as Midler off the deep end, with her absolutely appalling deep dive into raw racism.

One can only expect that it will turn up in some pro-Trump campaign ads in 2020. Thanks, Bette, for writing the material.


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