Proud of yourselves, lefties? Leftists turn 'deplorable' beauty queen into Trump magnet

Simply for liking President Trump, the Left was going to make an example of that deplorable 20-year-old.  Leftists were going to make her pay. And for a while there, they got away with it.  Young Kathy Zhu, the newly crowned Miss Michigan, lost her title on account of her "offensive" tweets.  The press went through every last one of the crown-winner's tweets over the years and found a couple it decided were "offensive," "racist," and "insensitive," broadcasting those.  After that, the Miss World pageant organization dethroned her. Justice.  The Left triumphs.  That'll teach those Trump-supporting deplorables their lesson. Except that now in place of a mere beauty queen, the Left has got a Frankenstein's monster on its hands. Zhu has been offered a prominent place on the Trump 2020 campaign.  She's...(Read Full Post)
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