Proud of yourselves, lefties? Leftists turn 'deplorable' beauty queen into Trump magnet

Simply for liking President Trump, the Left was going to make an example of that deplorable 20-year-old.  Leftists were going to make her pay.

And for a while there, they got away with it.  Young Kathy Zhu, the newly crowned Miss Michigan, lost her title on account of her "offensive" tweets.  The press went through every last one of the crown-winner's tweets over the years and found a couple it decided were "offensive," "racist," and "insensitive," broadcasting those.  After that, the Miss World pageant organization dethroned her.

Justice.  The Left triumphs.  That'll teach those Trump-supporting deplorables their lesson.

Except that now in place of a mere beauty queen, the Left has got a Frankenstein's monster on its hands.

Zhu has been offered a prominent place on the Trump 2020 campaign.  She's going to be out there, winning votes for Trump, padding his total further.  Here's CBS's sneering report:

A former Miss Michigan pageant winner, who was stripped of her title last week after several offensive tweets surfaced, has joined Trump's reelection campaign efforts. The official Team Trump twitter account welcomed Kathy Zhu on board Thursday, calling her a "patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown."

"I am so excited to now be part of the #WomenforTrump Coalition Advisory Board!" Zhu tweeted along with the announcement. "Let's get Trump re-elected for 2020." 

She's young.  She's beautiful.  She's smart and academically accomplished.  And she's been treated like dirt, solely for the "crime" of liking President Trump.  She's also quite famous now, in a way that all the other beauty queens can only envy.

Think she'll draw some votes for Trump?

Let's take a look at how many votes she might just draw for Trump, solely based on that de-crowning.

First, the young.  She's young and beautiful, not an old Republican fuddy-duddy.  She'll reach out to youths, sick of the political correctness foisted on them by their woke universities, and rope those votes in. 

Second, the television-watchers.  She is, after all, beautiful.  Democrats have been drawing in votes for years by featuring movie stars and beautiful people in their campaigns.  Team Trump now has someone who can match their tactic in spades.  Young males will be first in line, but it won't be just they.

Third, Asian-Americans, a voting bloc that's long been elusive for Republicans, despite the fact that Asian-Americans are naturals for conservatism.  There have been inroads, some breaking for Republicans in bits and pieces.  Now Zhu will be right there to help speed that trend along.

Those are just the easy ones anyone can notice.

Here's what's really going to make Zhu a guided missile to the Left and bring in the votes for Trump from voters of all kinds across the country.

First, the awful treatment she got from the pageant.  Here's CBS again:

The 20-year-old received an email last week from the pageant removing her from her position, which she shared on Twitter.  

"It has been brought to the attention of Miss World America 'MWA' that you social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content," the letter said. 

It also said that Zhu no longer met the requirement of "being in good character." "Therefore, and effective immediately, MWA does not recognize you as a participant of any sort or in any capacity as it relates to any and all events of MWA," it concluded.

Did I just read the word "deplorable"?  The question answers itself.  People are going to sympathize. 

Second, the double standard.  Zhu's fellow Asian-American, Sarah Jeong, who unleashed an amazing string of bad tweets that truly were racist and immature, got to keep her job after she was exposed, all because she was left-wing.  Zhu?  Not so much.  Standards are different, see, when the person on the spot is a Trump-supporter. File under more votes for Trump.

Third, the vile treatment she got in the press.  Look at that opener in the first passage of the CBS story above.  They're throwing around words such as "racist" and "insensitive" over one tweet questioning why women ought to be trying on hijabs as a carnival act, and another bringing up black-on-black violence, a sad reality that's obvious.  They're not neutrally reporting now.  They're out to get her.  We already know that many Americans voted for Trump based on the press's treatment of him.  We see the dynamic freshened up here.

Fourth, the vile treatment she got in the press in how reporters got their "scoop."  Some media creep, who follows beauty contests very, very, very closely (and most of us don't — cripes, these contests have the depth of whirled peas!), searched her tweets one by one, going through years of them, and then went after her to come up with the perfect years-old bad tweets to virtue signal with. The tweets were weak tea, but they decided that they were enough to pin her for a Bull Connor racist and they did. Anyone can see the sick dynamic of that. Result? More votes for Trump.  

Fifth, let's bring up an unrelated matter: Notice that she's a University of Michigan student. Fine school, U of M, and young Sasha Obama plans to go there, too, a very prestigious school. So we have an Asian-American who ended up at Michigan instead of ... Harvard? First thing anyone's going to think is that she was Harvard material, got shut out of Harvard and ended up at Michigan based on Harvard's discrimination based on race. Anyone else who's experienced that is going to relate.

Translation: Votes for Trump.

Zhu is going to be a nightmare for the left in election 2020. And the left has no one to blame but itself for creating her. She'll rope in the Trump votes like nobody's business. The smart Trump campaign team could see that and they pounced fast, bringing her into the arena. For Zhu, one can expect that she wins great fame and success for the injustices done to her. And has the last laugh.

Proud of yourselves, lefties?

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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