Protestors tear down and defile American flag, raise Mexican flag at Colorado ICE detention facility

Keep it up, lefties, and you are going to hand re-election to President Trump and majorities in both houses of Congress to the GOP.  Anger on the Left has reached toxic levels and it is poisoning their message and their very lives, rendering their passionate protests counterproductive and totally incoherent, like the tantrums of children.

Matt Mauro of KDVR-TV, the Denver Fox affiliate has posted a series of videos shot at an Aurora, Colorado ICE facility as vandals acted out their hatred.

And defiled Old Glory:

via Twitter (cropped)

In the first, a crowd cheers as the Mexican flag is hoisted over American territory. This is reminiscent of what happens when a victorious army claims victory over an opponent having conquered territory. If this doesn’t chill you, then you don’t understand what is meant by the term “Reconquista.”



In a second video, a dirty, defiled American flag is flying upside down next to the Mexican banner in the place of honor.



In a third video, armed guards take control and re-hoist Old Glory to its rightful place of honor. “Reconquest” in English baby!



Aurora Police take a bow!



But Matt Mauro has a question:



The protestors obviously hate this country. So, why do they want foreign nationals to come  freely to this cesspool of racism, homophobia, etc.? Wouldn't turning them away the border be the charitable thing to do?