ProPublica gets busy with a new doxx operation against the Border Patrol

Well, it looks like the efforts to doxx anyone involved in border control has already begun, leftists didn't need a rabid-minded New York Times op-ed contributor to get the idea going. ProPublica, the Soros-linked media outfit with a Sorosian 'investigative' agenda, has come out with a big-publicity "investigation" on the purported or not bad Facebook behavior of a 9,500-member Facebook group full of current and former Border Patrol agents. ProPublica called the closed Facebook group 'secret' of course, though there are thousands of them just like that out there -- and you can bet that antifa has its closed dens of social media babble, which that they aren't about to investigate. It sure as heck wasn't secret enough for them or their allies to get into. As for the charges, ProPublica's report contains less than it promises, it's merely a collection of cherrypickings...(Read Full Post)
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