ProPublica gets busy with a new doxx operation against the Border Patrol

Well, it looks like the efforts to doxx anyone involved in border control has already begun, leftists didn't need a rabid-minded New York Times op-ed contributor to get the idea going.

ProPublica, the Soros-linked media outfit with a Sorosian 'investigative' agenda, has come out with a big-publicity "investigation" on the purported or not bad Facebook behavior of a 9,500-member Facebook group full of current and former Border Patrol agents. ProPublica called the closed Facebook group 'secret' of course, though there are thousands of them just like that out there -- and you can bet that antifa has its closed dens of social media babble, which that they aren't about to investigate. It sure as heck wasn't secret enough for them or their allies to get into. As for the charges, ProPublica's report contains less than it promises, it's merely a collection of cherrypickings from a huge group of battered Border Patrol agents gone tired and cynical (which is not surprising, given the Democrat agenda against them), along with a big dose of doxxing of those who posted off-color remarks.

In the wake of this report, activists will be right there with the 'sensitivity training' demands. The far left vanguard in Congress, is going to be excited and demanding fund cutoffs (and never mind that illegal migrants aren't going to like the detention conditions as a result). The whole thing comes off as a concerted bid to discredit the Border Patrol, especially given ProPublica's connections to the Soros agenda. The plan is to silence the agents, demoralize them, make them distrustful, get them fired, and then leave the remainders with no other option but to open the border, not bothering to enforce U.S. law. That's the open-border agenda leftists want, particularly the Soros front groups.

Here's the beginning of the ProPublica report:

Members of a secret Facebook group for current and former Border Patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants, discussed throwing burritos at Latino members of Congress visiting a detention facility in Texas on Monday and posted a vulgar illustration depicting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez engaged in oral sex with a detained migrant, according to screenshots of their postings.

ProPublica derived its 'research' from an activist group called "Reveal" which devotes itself to exposing hate groups on Facebook. This group is affiliated with the Center for Investigative Reporting, which in turn is connected to something called the Plain View Project, which devotes itself to doxxing police officers. The Plain View Project has the actual Facebook posts which are creating such controversy. Some are harsh, some are off-color, many reflect the very tough realities of the Border Patrol's job. ProPublica made a big deal about a Border Patrol officer questioning the state of the bodies of a father and daughter recently drowned in the Rio Grande. What it didn't note was what an ordinary reader might note - that the man had probably seen a lot of drowned migrants and was suspicious the photo was a media show. His use of the word 'floater' (common in first-responder circles) means he knows that the typical condition of a drowning victim is very, very bad to look at. His question was a question from someone who has seen things and the photo did not comport with his experience, though his questions didn't prove the photo actually was false. He just had his suspicions.

All first-responders have a harsh, rough, cynical take on things regarding their jobs - nurses, doctors, firemen, cops, military people, spies - it has to do with the harsh conditions of the work they do. Yes, we'd like them to be more genteel, more politically correct, but based on what they see every day, this doesn't always happen. And by the way, not all of them are conservative - think of the sharp cynical email texts of Peter Strzok, the FBI counterintelligence chief who was trying to overthrow President Trump - his withering remarks also extended to Hillary Clinton and others. The posts now seen are in the same vein. The Plain View Project's display of 'smoking guns' in its link contains very little that most people would consider a firing offense. Seriously, are these posts, some harsh, but none without resonance to men in the trenches, all they have? There probably are some remarks that are intolerable, but to paint the group as a hate group is simply left-wing business as usual.

It's obvious that a war to discredit the Border Patrol has started. Speaking of hate groups... You can bet that there are closed groups of antifa supporters, Obama minions, and leftist bureaucrats in the social service bureaucracies that say worse and aren't going to get investigated - a double standard if there ever was one. What ProPublica is trying to do is paint Border Patrol officers as comic book figures, all bad cops, evil and full of racism, and deserving of being fired, a bizarre caricature, given the number of migrant rescues in rivers and deserts they conduct, not to mention toy-giving and diaper-changing to illegals in detention. One can only hope the Trump administration does not cave from within as leftists whip up a media frenzy over the incident.


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