President Trump targets money-grubbing Democrats shackling their voters to hellhole cities

It's about time we had a president shine a light on these race-baiting so-called civil rights icons like Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), whose "own" people live in rat-infested, feces-encrusted, gun-controlled kill zones while he and his fellow third-world thugs amass millions.  Cummings is just one in a cabal of looters whose accident of birth endowed them with a skin color that yields a high rate of return.

President Trump cornered Cummings in a series of tweets after the Baltimore slumlord staged an assault on the Department of Homeland Security secretary last week. Cummings's tirade at the congressional hearing included a froth-mouthed, false, and vicious indictment of Border Patrol agents.  Trump wasn't about to allow a corrupt, semiliterate third-world grifter to denigrate the DHS secretary and the hardworking men and women earnestly trying to guard our southern border.

POTUS proved for the umpteenth time that Democrats, aided by an irredeemable media complex, can dish it out but can't take it.  The usual and unoriginal suspects still have not figured out what happened in 2016.  The very best definition of these left-wing dolts is the clichéd definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Obama's former political hit man and CNN propagandist, David Axelrod, tweeted that Trump's "stream of ugly, divisive bombast" could mean Trump will lose in 2020.

Axelrod must think he's living in an inverted universe, where his favorite Alinsky tactics have been co-opted by a president who has been called "racist" so many times that he, and more importantly, his supporters, don't really give a damn anymore. 

Then there's Al Sharpton, who started salivating as soon as Trump's chum hit the headlines.  Before he could open his mouth at another rigged press conference inside a Baltimore church, President Trump beat him to the punch, calling Sharpton a "con man who hates whites and cops" and who, incidentally, used to ask Trump for favors before the 2016 election.  Laughably, Sharpton said Trump has "a particular venom for blacks and people of color."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also weighed in from Italy, where, according to reports, she is not exactly visiting the poor and downtrodden.  No, Nancy, another congressperson worth hundreds of millions while her constituents defecate, shoot up, and sleep on the streets of San Francisco, was dining at a classy Venetian restaurant as she defended Cummings, calling him "a beloved leader in Baltimore."

Joining Axelrod, Pelosi, and Sharpton in their "kill the messenger" tweets is Chicago's favorite slum lady, Valerie Jarrett, also known as "Obama's brain."

In 2008, the Boston Globe wrote an eye-opening exposé of Jarret's Grove Parc Plaza, a 504-unit Section 8 housing apartment built in 1990.  Obama represented the area as a state senator, and his de facto president for eight years, Jarrett, managed the place.  Jarrett raked in millions while her tenants lived with raw sewage, rat infestations, lack of heat, and crumbling walls.  Jarrett's Habitat Co. also managed Lawndale Restoration, another complex in West Chicago, which accrued 1,800 building violations in 2006.  No matter: She was on her way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Martha's Vineyard.  Presently, Jarrett is holed up with the Obamas in northwest D.C.

Decade after decade after decade, American taxpayers have redistributed their wealth to corrupt government "poverty" programs.  The city of Baltimore received $1.8 billion of our money under the guise of Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with little to show for it.  We have stuffed the pockets of race pimps and their hateful political benefactors as they organize mobs like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to physically attack us.

President Trump can tweet 24/7 about Baltimore and this massive looting by the Democrats of the working and middle classes' hard-earned wages, and it still will not make up for what the swamp-dwellers have done.  Quoting the Freedom Center's David Horowitz in his recent speech at the 2019 Western Conservative Summit, "God bless this country for having a president like Donald Trump."