Out of power, out of ideas, and with no goodies to dispense, Democrats turn on each other

Democrats are turning on each other.  Out of money, out of ideas, zero accomplishments, and with no goodies to dispense, they are now moving into a full-blown hate-fest against one other.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad, it turns out, were just the least of House speaker Nancy Pelosi's problems.

Here's the dumpster fire going on with angry black and Latino representatives effectively accusing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the group charged with holding the House for the Democrats, of racism, according to Politico:

Senior Hispanic and black members of Congress have privately clashed with Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) over her personnel decisions, what they say are tone-deaf comments on race and whether she's lived up to the promises she made during the campaign to win the chairmanship of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"There is not one person of color — black or brown, that I'm aware of — at any position of authority or decision-making in the DCCC," said Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), a former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus. "It is shocking, it is shocking, and something needs to be done about it."

Bustos sought a meeting with Fudge, and Fudge said no.

"Until they show me they are serious about diversity, there's no reason for me to meet with them," Fudge said.

And Fudge isn't alone. Interviews with more than two dozen Democratic lawmakers, aides and strategists detailed months of frustration and unanswered questions about Bustos' efforts to retain staffers of color in top positions, boost Latino voter outreach and hire firms run by people of color. They said Bustos was tactless when challenged by lawmakers of color.

"The overall plan for Latino outreach seems to be some 1980s playbook, which doesn't work anymore," Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said.

So it's not about winning, it seems; it's about winning with the right color of people on staff that's what's important.  As if one person could perform the job as well as the next one, so get the chocolate box right.  This is some amazing bean-counting, focused less on actual winning, which would mean more black and Latino seats in Congress, than it is on the meta-process, on how the winning is done.  This is how far-left splinter groups, turning inward on themselves, behave.  Far-left communist groups always spew their biggest rage on internal dissenters, which is one reason why they never get anywhere in politics; they are always focused intensely upon themselves.  As I have argued earlier, the Democratic Party is becoming DSA-ified, and apparently, the phenomenon is extending well beyond DSA catspaw Ocasio-Cortez.  Even the Democratic consultants on the outside are growing angry, yelling racism, too.

It's not all that surprising.  Grandstanding about Getting Trump has turned out to be a fast road to nowhere with voters.  Democrats have wasted their two years in office, spending so much time thwarting President Trump's reasonable requests on border security as well as promoting the now collapsed Russian collusion narrative that they have not gotten around to passing much legislation, certainly nothing they can brag about.  They haven't even bothered to secure goodies for their districts, a Democrat specialty.  In the absence of any record they can point to with pride, the donor money has dried up, diminishing the party further. All of that acts to reduce their prospects for more of this nonsense in the coming election.  Now they're busying themselves with accusations of racism within their own group, sending a message to the voters that all they are interested in is looking at themselves.  They're navel-gazing, except by color.  And they're getting pretty public, just as the Ocasio-Cortez-Pelosi fight got real public.

What's more, Fudge is not the lightweight born-yesterday flash in the pan that Ocasio-Cortez is; she's a substantial established black congresswoman who's often called "respected" in the press.  For Pelosi and her DCCC to have Fudge on their backs is a real problem, probably a bigger one than the fringy freshman squad. 

For grizzled old Grijalva to be calling the Democratic playbook something out of the 1980s is pretty damning, too.  It highlights again that Democrats are out of ideas.

For Republicans, it's all good.  The infighting is a signal that the path is clear toward retaking the House in 2020.  A rival party that hates itself that badly is a party that offers nothing to voters.  It's time to throw them out. 

Image credit: Tim Evanson via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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