On Epstein case, Barr gives Democrats a new reason to get the willies

If there's any doubt about whether President Trump's attorney general knows what he's doing, take a look at this one little modification to his declaration that he would recuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein child-molesting case involving Democrats.

It's another reason for Democrats to get the willies.

Here's Conservative Treehouse:

It would appear Bill Barr is recused from aspects surrounding Epstein that connect to the earlier Florida prosecution; and prosecutorial position of the DOJ at the time-frame of the Florida plea agreement (via U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta); however, Bill Barr is not recused from the current SDNY prosecution in 2019 (via U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman).

For the Florida case Barr is recused. For the SDNY case, Barr is not recused.  So AG Barr will have oversight during the SDNY case against Jeffrey Epstein.

So the facts of the case are so airtight that he thinks it best to let the work of the law do the work of the law without any wounded and furious Democrat gumming up the matter by yelling "political prosecution."  The Epstein case is so strong that it speaks for itself.  Barr's recusal, as I argued, signaled that there was no need to protect President Trump from malicious prosecution from Deep-Staters seeking a political pretext, because obviously, he knew that it was a cut and dried criminal case.  There may be nothing on Trump, but, as Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine tweeted the other day, plenty of Democratic Party "faves" are going to go down.

This provides the missing puzzle pieces, as I noted in yesterday's pieces.  Why would Barr give up oversight on as politicized a U.S. attorney's office as the Southern District of New York?  It's the one hyper-ambitious Obama loyalist Preet Bharara once led, the one that tried to torture Paul Manafort at Rikers Island, the one that has the tax-fishing expeditions going on against the Trump Organization, and its prosecutor is the daughter of fired former FBI director James Comey?  You know they're in need of some babysitting.

Barr's message to that crew was, not so fast.  He's still watching you.

His recusal probably annoys the heck out of them and may bring cries of unfairness from Democrats, but the canny Barr is only using Obama-era rules for his decisions.  Obamatons expanded the powers of government and didn't realize that Barr could use that against them.  Two can always play those games.

Now either the SDNY is going to focus on Epstein and his Democrat collaborators (because that's all there is to this case), instead of contorting the whole thing into something focused on President Trump, or Barr's going to come calling.

He's a sharp hombre.  For Democrats, it's never easy when they have to play by the rules they set themselves.

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