Not even the 4th of July is sacred to these hate-filled leftists

Since the moment President Trump announced his plan to celebrate the 4th of July with a parade and a tribute to our military, leftists' heads exploded.  How dare he? they asked, as if an Independence Day parade and celebration would be unusual.  It is not; it used to be a normal, every-year thing.  But suddenly, because it's Trump, it's all wrong.  So the networks, CNN and MSNBC, announced their decisions to not air it.  Trump's speech would just be "all about him."  They have apparently forgotten Obama's pathological obsession with himself.  Any speech he delivered contained hundreds of his expressions of "I" and "me."

The angry Left was certain Trump's 4th of July event would be a "campaign rally."  It was not.  It was a glorious tribute to all branches of the military, to law enforcement, and to first responders.  His speech honored the American past, its heroes, and its accomplishments.

The Left predicted a low turnout!  There were nearly 800,000 people on the Mall to see and share in the festivities.  The place was packed.

The Left just keeps getting things wrong.  And these people seem incapable of learning from their mistakes.  They've been making the same ones since the campaign of 2016.

We all know by now that not only did Hillary Clinton view us all as "deplorables," but the rest of the Left does as well.  If we support the president, then there is something terribly wrong with us, and the leftists' contempt for us is well-deserved.  In fact, they believe that their loathing of all things Trump and his supporters is a moral imperative.  That is why they are so proud of themselves when they confront one or more of us in public places.  This disdain that they feel, "feel" being the operative word because the Left puts feelings above all else, for Trump and his supporters is in their minds so righteous that they are sure to vanquish us all in 2020.  There could not possibly be more of us than there are of them.  As for all those people in flyover country?  They should not count; they're know-nothing rubes.  Thus their campaign to do away with the Electoral College.  Those states in the middle don't matter, shouldn't matter.

Watching even a small bit of commentary after Trump's speech on CNN and MSNBC was hilarious.  Phillip Mudd and a panel of malcontents were apoplectic.  Not one of them had a good word to say about the event or Trump's speech.  They each denigrated every word, every aspect of the night.  Worse still were the "observations" of the Democrat candidates for president, whiners all.  There is little or no substance to their many complaints. Anyone who watched the entire extravaganza was both thrilled and moved, but this bunch of naysayers was just plain mad.  How dare he not fulfill all their nasty predictions?

One would think Tulsi Gabbard would have enjoyed the military tributes, but no.  Like the rest of the presidential wannabes, she hated the whole thing.

How pathetic.  Not one of these people has an ounce of class or grace. Each and every one of them is self-serving, hoping to win the presidency simply by promising to punish the rich and to give everyone else free stuff.  As Daniel Greenfield asks, are we a nation of free men or free things?

The Left hopes to convince voters, enough of them, anyway, that we can somehow provide all that free stuff for them and the millions of illegal migrants who are breaching our border every year.  Here's a news flash: we cannot.  We could confiscate all the money of all the rich and it would be gone in a week if we were to provide all the Democrats are promising.  They are blatant liars, every one of them.  They know that Medicare for all will bankrupt every hospital in the country.  They know that Obamacare's mandate was an unconstitutional disaster, but Biden is promising to reinstate it. 

They all, every one of them, want open borders.  The more invaders, the better.  They are certain they can see to it that they can vote for them.  Voter fraud?  So what?  Another moral imperative.  Trump and his supporters need to be destroyed by any means necessary.  That is how the Left rolls.  Leftists will lie, cheat, and steal to win, truth and honor be damned.  They will destroy the country to win if need be.  They have become a blight on the nation.  They are also very poor role models for the younger generations.  They tout socialism but know that it has brought misery and death everywhere it has been tried.  They go on and on about a climate crisis when there is no such thing; it's a money-grubbing scam to scare people into going backward in time and has no basis in actual science.  Climate changes, as it has for billions of years.  The planet and people adapt.  But if you were to prove that to a climate alarmist, he would be mad, not glad.

These people are invested in entropy; they look forward to it, they seem to crave it.  That is who and what the Left is today.  Leftists are anti-patriotism, anti-Constitution, anti-military, anti-science, and anti-American.  They are as mean as rabid dogs.  And you cannot believe a word they say. 

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