Mueller’s serial senior moments revealed he was a front-man for Trump-haters

The most important thing Robert Mueller revealed Wednesday in his testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees was that he didn’t really know that much about the work of the investigation that bears his name -- and that he is prone to senior moments with alarming frequency.  That he could in no way have been the actual leader of a large team of high-powered lawyers is now obvious to everyone in cringe-worthy detail (a veteran prosecutor unable to come up with the word “conspiracy” as the legal term for collusion).  He was a BINO, a Boss In Name Only, or, colloquially, a front-man.

Under the Mueller brand, dodgy prosecutor Andrew Weissmann could work with his Trump-hating cabal of Hillary supporters, Mueller’s right-hand man Aaron Zebly there to keep an eye on things for him. Wrapped in a Mueller’s cloak of prestige and legitimacy, the cabal could take down a president, they thought.

 But now that the public can see with their own eyes that Mueller was at best “Mr. Outside,” and the story arc turns toward investigating the investigators. Now we know that we were misled. That creates more interest in getting to the turth of who was really running this project.  Before boarding Marine One today on his way to a rally in West Virginia, President Trump said that investigating the investigators is what is next, as see the fruits of the Horowitz IG report, and prosecutors Huber and Durham work in secrecy with grand juries. With 14 months until the election, the most successful reality TV producer in the history of the medium knows that narratives can flip, with the good guys exposed as less worthy than was first apparent, and the underdog comes to the fore, and it makes compelling viewing.

This revelation is huge problem for the media that has portrayed Mueller as a legend in his own time, a man of unquestionable integrity, brilliance, and devotion. Their puffery has exploded in their faces like an Acme cigar in a Warner Brothers cartoon. The entire narrative that the media and other Democrats have peddled since shortly after Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 is busted on multiple levels. The last gasp for Nadler, Schiff and the unofficial House impeachment caucus was the hope that Mueller would use that persona that doesn’t seem to exist anymore, if it ever did, to sell the public on the notion that Donald Trump is a criminal. Unfortunately, he was clearly not up to the job.

All but the fanatics – a not insignificant portion of the – House Democratic Caucus –realize that the game is over.


graphic credit: YouTube screen grab