Like Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe brings dishonor to her sport and to America

Megan Rapinoe is so enamored of her own athletic prowess that she has somehow internalized the notion that we care what she thinks about the president, the anthem, the flag, and the country.  As Silvio Canto wrote here on Wednesday, she seems to think her superior skill at soccer gives her the right to insult all the Americans with political views that differ from hers. Rapinoe demonstrated an embarrassing lack of class that contaminates her entire team.  She is a woman who never learned that a bit of grace is an infectious thing in a good way.  This, of course, makes her a hero to the hate-America Left that populates CNN and MSNBC 24/7.  Her disdain for the country to them means she is presidential material!  Just ask Rachel Maddow. The Left is now officially insane.  This arrogant, disagreeable woman, Rapinoe, because she plays soccer well, thinks she has the right to trash everything and everyone she...(Read Full Post)
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