Lessons to be learned from the modern Left

Lessons to be learned from the modern Left:

  • Calling another person homophobic always makes him respond in a positive fashion.
  • Demanding reparations for a slavery no living American remembers or participated in is sure to bring us together as a nation.
  • Pretending there are 50 shades of gray between sex assignations is certain to alleviate confusion and place the entire world on one page.
  • Applauding people who believe firmly in the cant of homosexuality and damning people who believe otherwise is a positive way to approach tolerance.
  • Arduously implying that strangers enter our house and help themselves to any goodies within at the expense of our children and future will make the world a better place.
  • Ignoring homelessness on big city streets at the expense of new arrivals will make us stronger because immigrants have always been our strength.
  • Socialism has been a boon everywhere it has been installed even though millions have died in its name.
  • Focusing on race will cause mankind to stop focusing on race.
  • The best way to win the hearts and minds of an electorate is through accusation and opprobrium.
  • Insisting that the world will end in five or ten or twelve years is the best way to inspire hope and promise within the hearts of young people.
  • Constantly reminding children that they face too many social barriers to accomplishment is the clearest path to motivating them toward success.
  • Stripping people of their individuality will make us all happier in the long run.
  • Wearing a mask and beating people into submission will create many advantages for society at large.
  • Taxing citizens at a rate of 70% will force the government to operate even more efficiently than it does today.
  • "You didn't build that, give it to me" has a way of drawing people closer to each other.
  • If granting honor, dignity, and respect to a fellow citizen doesn't work, try a milkshake laced with cement.
  • There is always enough money; it's just in the wrong hands.  Give it to me.
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