Kamala Harris wants to gift $25k of taxpayers’ money to black families earning $125k to buy houses

Kamala Harris is aggressively courting black voters and doing the Dem Thing: offering free money courtesy of federal taxpayers. The daughter of two immigrants, a mixed-race Jamaican from a slave-owning family and a South Asian Indian, she wants to parlay her complexion into a bogus ethnic identity as an African-American.

Evidently anxious to recapitulate the 2008 financial crisis, when home buyers who had been encouraged to buy houses they couldn’t really afford defaulted on mortgages, the scheme she offered to the Essene Festival would have you and me and other taxpayers give large sums of money to African-Americans to make the down payment on homes. Tyler Pager reports for Bloomberg:

 Taking aim at the racial wealth gap in the U.S., Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris proposed a $100 billion program to help black families and individuals buy homes.

Speaking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans on Saturday, Harris said the program would help with down payments and other costs associated with purchasing homes.

The program, she estimated, would help 4 million families who live or rent in historically red-lined areas, or those where loans are often refused because borrowers are seen as poor financial risks.

“We must right the wrong, and after generations of discrimination give black families a real shot at home-ownership -- historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth,” Harris said.

The program, which would be administrated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, would give grants of up to $25,000 to families with incomes of up to $100,000, or as much as $125,000 in high-income communities. Harris said the plan would, over time, reduce the wealth gap between black and white families by one-third.

Harris, a lawyer, knows that the racial discrimination inherent in her proposal is unconstitutional, but she obviously doesn’t care. She is only interested in hyping the sense of victimization of African-Americans and appearing to be offering balm.

The average family income in the United States last year was $61,372 (a new high), so Harris wants families earning twice the average income to receive a gift based on their race.

Ed Lasky correctly observes, “Keep this up and the GOP will retake the House and Trump will win”

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