Kamala Harris offers debt forgiveness — to people who don't have debts

Kamala Harris would like you to know that she is smart.  She wears her business suits with heels and pearls, after all, and makes her staff do likewise. Her book about her life as a prosecutor is called 'Smart on Crime.' 

Here's what Democratic Party–linked ActBlue fundraising outfit has to say about her:

Kamala Harris is a great progressive. Please donate to help Kamala and the Democrats defeat Trump in 2020.

Kamala Harris clearly won the Democratic presidential primary debate. She slayed, repeatedly, and came across as incredibly serious, smart, tough and presidential. Here is one such moment:

"I will ensure that this microphone, that the president of the United States holds in HER hand, is used in a way that is about reflecting the values of our country."

The press coverage she gets reflects all those claims to smartness.

So now Harris is a face in the Democratic clown car, doing what the rest of them are doing, trying to offer more free stuff than the next guy in order to stand out.  Here's her tweet:

Weasel Zippers picked that apart devastatingly:

Well, who is going to be able to start a business if they're overloaded with student loan debt? And then you're asking people who already have a lot of debt to take on even more debt.

And there's a bigger problem. Pell Grants don't need to be repaid, they're grants, not loans.

Why doesn't she know that?

So I guess everyone who's overloaded with student debt can rely on the old trust fund to start the business, is that it?  Sounds like some real grounding in the real world from Willie Brown's former squeeze.

And more to the point, Pell Grants, as the name says, are grants, not loans.  Nobody turns up with debt on that program.  Offering debt forgiveness of zero is...zero.  Smart on debt?  Maybe only to her.

Sound like a great smart proposal?

No, sounds as if Harris doesn't know what she's talking about.  What's worse, doesn't know that she doesn't know.  She's trying to sound targeted and clever, no doubt in a bid to whip up interest in her novel plans, but she doesn't know a thing about Pell Grants except that they go to poor people, and for the poor, offering more free stuff (instead of J-O-B-S) is all she needs to do.  Even if it's not exactly debt forgiveness, given that there's no debt.

This is one stupid woman who's less smart and thinks the rest of us are stupid.  She doesn't do her homework, not even on things she's saying herself.  She's holding out loan forgiveness to people who don't have loans.  This isn't staff work she can blame for faulty research given that it was her own tweet, this is actually she.

Not exactly the person you'd want to see in the White House, makin' it up as she goes along, pandering, offering bee ess goodies that aren't goodies — and then telling us she's smart.  Ugh.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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