Kamala Harris adopts Joe Biden's position on busing right after blasting him for it at the debate

Does hypocrisy have a bigger champion than Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris?

Note this tweet from Larry Elder:

So just days after lambasting Joe Biden as Bull Connor for opposing busing in the 1970s, probably the most unpopular social engineering project in American history, nakedly using the race card against him, she's now actually adopting Biden's actual position.  Busing was a great thing over at the debates, and anyone who opposed it was a rank racist to "that little girl was me," but now it's like a lot of her far-out-there ideas, something to be "discussed," or now as she puts it, having used up that phrase, "considered."

Meaning, "I'll enact it if I can get away with it, you bastards, but I don't want to be held to it now while I'm out campaigning for votes."

Now, far be it from me to defend Old Joe, given his shape-shifting and absence of principles, but this tells us more about Harris than it does about Biden. Both of them maintain heavy socialism as their core belief.  Both are willing to say anything to get it.  And Harris is willing to do anything and say anything to be the party's standard-bearer.  She's the party's mean wolverine or woodchuck, going up against big dumb Joe to shred him and come out on top.  She's tossed him under the bus and gotten into the driver's seat.

The wretched thing is, this current incident show what Democrats are really about: not principles, but saying anything that needs to be said to grab power.  Voters would be fools give it to them.

Old Joe won't know what hit him.

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