Is the climate-change press ever going to make up its mind about what's going on?

Obviously, and throughout billions of years of history, the climate never changed as much as it has today, according to journalists. 

Today, there is a story that wasp populations are expanding because of climate change.

Now Wasps Are Forming Massive 'Super Nests' Because Life Just Isn't Scary Enough


He said climate change is one reason for the survival of so many colonies[.]

Last year the story was that bee populations are shrinking because of climate change.

Study links shrinking bee population, climate change

We have heard that we were going to have no snow because of climate change...but we had record snow because of climate change. 

Humans cause global warming...and record cold with polar vortices.

Humans cause droughts and floods.  Species are dying because of humans (because species never died before).

It is all BS propaganda to take control of our lives.  Yet the press keeps reporting these obvious contradictions over and over.  Worse still, journalists never ask questions with so much contradictory information.

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