Investigative reporter with a decade of scrutinizing Epstein calls out Bill Clinton's lies

The remarkably effective cover-up/slap-on-the-wrist punishment of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for sexually exploiting underage girls is coming apart.  It is easy to infer that Epstein's practice of inviting many socially and politically powerful figures on his private jet, nicknamed "The Lolita Express," to travel to his private island, nicknamed "Orgy Island," led to overwhelming covert pressure on prosecutors (including current labor secretary Alex Acosta) to cut a sweetheart deal that smells really bad when sunlight hits it.

Because the dominant MSM media are highlighting Acosta and Trump's long ago comments on Epstein, while ignoring the many Democrat "faves" believed to be at risk by Democrat insiders, it is important to document and broadcast the fact that Epstein was a major Democrat donor and to probe thoroughly the circumstances of his near escape from a genuine reckoning.

By far the biggest target for conservatives is former president Bill Clinton, whose sexual proclivities, even in the Oval Office, are now a matter of public record — to a small degree.  Fortunately, this issue — extensive sexual abuse of underage girls — is too hot for a major segment of the Democrats' base for progressive solidarity to silence everyone who is not a movement conservative.

An excellent (and early) example is investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff, who appeared last night on Shannon Bream's Fox News program and denounced Bill Clinton for lying about the number of times he traveled on the Lolita Express.  Ms. Sarnoff has an impeccable progressive background as head of the nonprofit group "UN Women for Peace Association."  Her online biography proudly notes (emphasis added):

Sarnoff produced The Americas Forum (renamed The Region in 2007), a half-hour current events program featuring heads of state, policy experts, and leading CEOs debating Western Hemisphere foreign policy topics. Segments were taped in a Washington D.C. studio and at The Clinton Global Initiative, New York.


Here is Bill Clinton's statement that was accused of being a big fat lie:

If Clinton is making provable lies (and the Lolita Express flight logs will provide hard documentary evidence), then none of his further claims can be believed.

My reading of the current Progressive Left is that they would be fine with jettisoning Bill Clinton and his loser wife.  But the problem is that we are told there are many, many others.  With Epstein facing so many charges and the feds claiming they have "devastating evidence," Epstein has every incentive to strike a deal by incriminating higher-ups.  That is why there is so much panic here, and in Europe, too.

If Acosta or anyone else on our side goes down for misbehavior, so be it.  Let the chips fall where they may.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

Hat tip: Sundance, CTH.