In Illinois, Democrats focus like a laser on getting Planned Parenthood more money

In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker bragged that he got his Democrats to deliver abortion on demand to anyone, with the taxpayers paying for the abortions.
His fellow Dems also required insurance companies to cover abortion. Now, they are all focused on getting rid of parental notification because that could be a burden. Heaven forbid that there are any burdens to pregnant young girls to kill their children. 
Students have to get parental permission to take medication at schools but young girls shouldn't be burdened for a major surgery of this sort? Despite the pretty real risks involved, both to their future fertility and their mental health?
A girl can't get a tattoo or her ear pierced without parental permission, but an abortion is O.K.?
You can't buy many medications without being 18 or older but abortions are O.K.?
You now can't buy cigarettes or liquor until you are 21 but abortions are O.K.?
Every time a child goes to a doctor for anything, including surgery, a parent or adult has to sign the medical form to give permission, but abortion is O.K.?
A child can't sign a contract under 18 but an abortion is O.K.? 
Somebody's benefiting from this lunacy.
Why don't Democrats just admit that they are a fund-raising arm for Planned Parenthood, so that there is full disclosure? 
And vice versa, too. Planned Parenthood is a big money-donating machine to Democrats. One hand washes the other. Illinois machine politics, anyone?

Image credit: Charles Edward Miller, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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