In California, don't call them 'public servants'; call them 'the government gang'

With its monopoly on the legitimate use of force, government gets its way.  Just as gangsters do — with the ever-present knowledge that non-compliance will be met by people ready to use force if necessary.  The purported difference between governments and gangsters is that the former are supposed to be subject to the rule of law and operating "in the public interest," while the latter are out only to enrich themselves. But in California's state government, one-party control and the lack of media scrutiny and public attention has led to the capture of control over tax revenues by so-called "public servants."  That's government employee unions, which donate heavily to the ruling party, the Democrats.  The result is plunder of tax revenues on an unimaginable scale, creating a ruling class of wealthy people (the value of a six-figure pension for an employee who retires after twenty years of employment is...(Read Full Post)
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