Impeachment fanatic Dems in denial over Mueller testimony

It's becoming clear that the death of the dream of Mueller-the-white-knight slaying the Trump dragon has deranged the fanatics.   Such is the passion of House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler that he misrepresented Robert Mueller's testimony in a press conference yesterday.  When reality disappoints, some people enter a fantasy world, dealing with the death of their dream with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's first stage: denial.

Watch as Nadler, in a press conference, misrepresents the testimony, haltingly reading from a prepared text:

Then watch what really happened (hat tip: Katie Pavlich).

No obstruction:

No indictment because of a lack of evidence (not DoJ guidelines on not indicting a president).

But it was Nadler's junior Democrat committee colleague, Rep. Ted Lieu (who represents Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West L.A. — affluent, trendy left environs), who had the most pathetic reaction: someone got to Mueller to get him to "clarify" (i.e., repudiate) the words Lieu tried to put in his mouth in the morning hearing:

This is absolutely conspiracy theory nuttiness, in which evidence that contradicts the conspiracy theory becomes evidence that unseen sinister agents have operated.

Even Dan Balz of the Washington Post — no ally of Trump — sees that the fanatics are having trouble letting go:  

Many Democrats long have considered Robert S. Mueller III a potential savior, as the agent of President Trump's eventual undoing. Wednesday's hearings on Capitol Hill probably shattered those illusions once and for all. If Democrats hope to end the Trump presidency, they will have to do so by defeating him at the ballot box in November 2020.

The fanatics need an intervention.  They'll get one from the voters in November 2020.