His state falling apart, California's governor Newsom focuses on keeping Trump off the ballot

Governor Gavin Newsom of California sits in the catbird seat.  His state is falling apart — with homelessness, medieval pestilence, millions of unvetted foreigners coming to claim services, stratospheric housing costs, choking greenie regulations, faltering electrical grids, out-of-control wildfires, and soaring crime — yet in his rigged blue one-party state, he hasn't got a thing to worry about.  The state will always be blue, right?  No need to improve anything to stay in office.  They've got it rigged. So instead of fixing things, he's focused on what's important to him: keeping President Trump off the state's national election ballot in 2020, by signing off on a bill requiring him to release five years of tax returns, something he knows Trump is not going to do.  Here's NPR's report: A new law in California will require candidates for president to release...(Read Full Post)
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